Long time no talk.

by regandholly

I read once that if you stop blogging & then start again your first post back should not be an apology… So while I’m not going to apologise, I will give a brief explanation for my disappearance and fill you in on the last 18 months in which I haven’t blogged. I can hardly believe it’s been that long!

Firstly, I stopped because I got lazy, not so much with blogging itself, but with what I had been blogging about. If you look back my last post was about The Paleo Bakery launch. This little side project was short lived, like very short lived. And I honestly couldn’t bring myself to admit to whoever you are that reads this that I gave up… And then as time went on & I realised that it would have actually become something if I nurtured it, I became even more guilty, embarrassed & disappointed with my own apathy that I couldn’t face you. I’m still kicking myself for missing that opportunity.

Secondly, I fell pregnant. I fell pregnant at the most obviously perfect time, when I was the fittest, leanest & healthiest I had ever been. I was smashing my workouts, mastering those converted skills of pull up & handstand push-ups; I was on point with my diet, solidly eating paleo & learning to tweak my macros to get a desired result; and generally stoked with life – my marriage, my job, my friends! Thus why it was the perfect time for me to fall pregnant. Not that it was planned, but let’s just say it wasn’t avoided either! Haha.

Oh so yeah, falling pregnant changed my focus, drive & commitment. It lead to craving (& fulfilling those cravings) epic amounts of potato – thus failing in the Paleo department. I struggled over those months of no longer being able to have fitness goals that were PR oriented & slowly had to learn how to be motivated without those.

I kick myself now with hindsight as to how much of the journey I could have shared, because it was pretty cool, even if it wasn’t what I had planned or expected! Growing another human & preparing for labour & parenting was an epic experience! I’m hoping that as I start to type again, I will have the chance to fill you in on those months, because let’s be real, growing that little human has by far been the best, most amazing thing my body has ever done! It beats any PR I could ever do in the gym!

So no apology from me. I am learning each day that I need to follow my instincts, fess up to my mistakes & run hard for those dreams I have for myself & my family!

Next instalment isn’t far away! I promise!