The Paleo Bakery

by regandholly

Hello lovely followers of my life in a bakery! I have some very exciting news to share with you!

This weekend I am launching a little hobby of mine called The Paleo Bakery.


The idea behind this little start up is two fold to encompass my desire to provide people like you wonderful, affordable paleo products, and also my love of cooking and catering.

The first element is to supply people with pantry staples, beginning with a range of beautiful nut butters, affectionately known as “Baker’s Butters”. I also have some other product ideas in the back of my head that I would like to develop along the way, but the ultimate dream for this would to be able to supply you with all your Paleo pantry staples at affordable prices.

The second element of The Paleo Bakery is the health conscious catering. I would love to be able to provide for you a range of delicious treats and guilt-free morsels that can be used as alternatives to normal party/function foods. I am even up for the challenge to supply decadent paleo-fied celebration cakes.*

*Now, I realise some of the products I supply go against the primal way of eating, given that its meant to be about eating real, unadulterated food, but I figure if you’re going to celebrate or have a sweet delight, you may as well do it well with good quality products and baking from The Paleo Bakery.

I hope you enjoy the journey of The Paleo Bakery I share with you here, given my life is about to get even more bakery-filled.

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Instagram: thepaleobakery