26 things you may not know about me…

by regandholly

So I am halfway a sentence into a post about my week in New Zealand last week, but today is a special day.. It’s my 26th Birthday. Wow. Writing it is even hard.. 26, when did that happen?? So I thought I would give you a little run down of a few things about me, some birthday related, some not.. this will be fun, right?

1. I’m not really into Birthdays. At least not my own. On my 19th Birthday I actually ran away to a magical place called Bellingen to stay with new friends that didn’t know it was my birthday. Bellingen is one of my most favourite places on earth. My inner hippy and my love of the countryside gets awakened every single time.

Bellingen River

2. I am a Pastor of some of the greatest, world changers yet! These young people keep me passionate for my God and all he has planned for us. In this same environment I am Pastored, challenged and loved by two amazing leaders!


3. I have 4 of the most beautiful, loving, courageous, inspriring women in my life – 3 are my sisters and 1 is my mum. I am so incredibly blessed to have them in my life. The Egan girls – also known as “smorgasboard” or “buffet” – mother duck included.


4. I have been on the cover of a magazine. “Country Bride & Groom” – I am claiming it!

Country Bride & Groom

5. I was given some tough love as a teenager by some very special people, most of the advice I still live by… For example – this note lives in my bible.


6. I love to lift weights. Particularly the olympic lifts of Snatch & Clean & Jerk. I would rather do these than run any day. This is since joining Crossfit at the beginning of this year.


7. I love the Zoo. So much so, I actually made Sir take me to Taronga Zoo for my 24th Birthday!


8. I love to read a good novel. Some of my favourites are The Bronze Horseman Series, The Thornbirds, Narina, To Kill a Mocking Bird and Anastasia.

TBH Anastasia

9. I work with some amazing people in a company I can’t seem to get away from… I actually get embarassed when people ask me how long I have worked for Noble – answer… 4 years on and off. It’s like one of those relationships that is on one day and off the next, I have 3 employement anniversaries given that I have started here 3 times! I thoroughly enjoy my job here now, and again work with some of the best people!

10. I watch kids movies. Alot. I say this is me being a responsible adult, so that when I have kids I will know what ones have scary bits… but really it’s because I love them. Actually I think it’s a family affair – my sister & I just yesterday had a marathon text session of Madagascar Quotes…


11. My Biggest Fear is making the wrong decision. There have been countless times that I have had to make a decision between two awesome opportunities and I have stewed over them because of the fear of getting it wrong. Slowly but surely I am getting better at listening to God and not doubting Him/myself.

12. I love to cook – 12 months ago this would have been sweets, cakes & desserts.. my focus has changed alot and now I actually enjoy cooking dinners and healthy options of the sweets. I am looking forward to expanding my skills into fermentation shortly – I will keep you in the loop!

13. I was proposed to in a Hot Air Balloon – this was actually a long term dream of how I wanted to be proposed to.. lucky my husband was somehow intutitive enough to guess this (he still swears no one told him – which I am inclined to believe because I think it was something I had said at school, before his time!)


14. I had a gourment picnic for a wedding reception, it was the most amazing way to gather all the people we loved. Mum Baker made all the picnic rugs, basket liners and but the baskets together.


15. I married into an awesome family – just last year we trekked the Milford Track together – this photo is at the top of the Pass, 1000m above where we started!

milford pass

16. My favourite type of party is a paddock party. This is what I grew up with in the country – bonfires, mud, underage drinking.

17. I would way rather go to a pub than a nightclub

18. I am not a naturally funny person. Seriously. I can be a nanna and a bore at times. When I’m tired, I either get particularly funny or plain grumpy.

19. I finally finished my degree and graduated with my friend Jenna this year


20. I am a qualified florist – Howver, I never purpused it beyond a part time job when I lived in Wingham.. I do love flowers though and love to put them together every now and then.

21. I had my wedding dress made before we were even engaged. That’s how confident in Sir I was.

22. I have had my healthiest birthday yet – although there was birthday cake, one of the ladies I work with made some raw chocolate bliss balls (nuts, dates etc), we went to the new organic cafe for lunch and I plan to eat chicken soup for dinner…

23. I have an obession with food blogs. Particularly now, healthy food blogs… you should head over and check out my Pintrest Page

24. I still have most of my stuffed toys from when I was younger… the most recent addition was the talking Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch) that I got for my 16th Birthday.

25. Growing up we lived opposite some super cool kids – we had the madest times together.. playing lego, building cubby houses, eating frozen mooves, playing spotlight, breaking bricks to make barbie houses (sorry Carole!), climbing tress, playing fairies (& Beagle boys??), missing the bus on purpose! and raoming the safe streets of country Wingham until the street lights came on.

26. I miss the simplicity of being a child. I also looked forward to being an adult, grown up, but now that I am here I don’t feel like I am ready to be here!