Whole30 Day 30

by regandholly

My last day of the Whole30. It was a usual, busy Sunday at church. Limited pics these last couple of days because storage on my phone has been full!

Breakfast: Sauteed onion, mushroom, tomato & spinach with 2 eggs

We were out the door just after 9am and home around 1pm. It’s been raining and cold here, so soup and roast chicken was in order!

Lunch: Thai pumpkin soup with roast chicken & I ate some macadamia’s

I went food crazy late afternoon at church and at 3 mandarins again (they are just so juicy & sweet at the moment!).. Whoops. We got home late and dinner therefore was late (around 8pm)..

Dinner: Pan fried salmon with baked sweet potato & steam broccoli. Super simple with some pepper & lemon. Hit the spot!


And now I'm off to bed nice and early! I will give you a full recap of the whole30 tomorrow!