Whole30 Day 29

by regandholly

Day 29. Done.

Super great day working out and eating lots of breakfasts’. Haha.

We had crossfit at 8am, before which I had a coffee. I had attempted to make the bulletproof coffee again, but learnt the hard way that boiling water should not go in the glass blender. One nice massive crack all the way up. I immediately ordered a new jug online straight away.

Crossfit this morning was all about working under fatigue..gah. After the warm up it followed:

0-7 mins AMRAP
50 KB swings 16kg
40 Wall balls 7kg
30 Lunges 10kg plate overhead
20 Pull ups
(I got through to 20 of the lunges)

Rest 1 min

8-13 mins
Find 1RM of Clean + 2 Jerks
(I did 3 attempts and maxed at 35.5kg – I think I should have started heavier and I would have got a heavier max)

Rest 1 min

Run 800m max effort
(I finished it in 4:30mins)

Obviously famished, we all (random bunch of us from the gym) went out for breakfast. I had poached eggs, mushrooms, spinach and bacon. And a cup of green tea. And we had super good company!

We went back to the gym (Sir went earlier to lift) and I worked on my pull ups for a bit. A banana was eaten.

Lunch was spent with my 3 sisters, partners & kiddies. It was great to see them all! Options were limited so I had a second breakfast. Poached eggs, tomato & avocado. And a fresh juice that literally seemed to just be lemon an ginger..not delicious, but good.

I snacked on a few too many macadamia’s and we headed out for dinner. A meat platter of chicken wings, organic lamb rissoles (I prepared them in advance) steak and left over fajita salad. Yum.

One day to go. Wow – I never thought it would come!