Whole30 Day 28

by regandholly

Another great sleep last night after a wonderful time with family! I woke up to Sir rustling around the bedroom because he was starting work early. It was about 7am and I felt good. I was hungry so I thought I would give the ol’ Bulletproof Coffee idea a shot!


Bulletproof Coffee
1 Espresso Shot
1 TBS Coconut Oil
1 TBS Butter (Preferably grassfed)

Add all to blender and blend for a few seconds until it’s frothy. Enjoy the creamy goodness! Apparently you can use heaps of the fats – just see what you like! I added more water – just be careful blending hot stuff, the pressure may make your blender explode! I learnt that the hard way a few years ago making pumpkin soup.. lets just say the burns I got weren’t the most annoying thing, it was the cleaning up!

The thought behind this is that the healthy fats from the butter (all the goodness of dairy fat, without the harmful dairy proteins) and coconut oil will keep you satisfied. You can read up on it here. Also want to mention here that I’m not doing the “Bulletproof” diet (although it is paleo) or using formal Intermittent Fasting principles.. Just trying stuff out and seeing how my body responds!

PS. Just thought I would show you the view I have from my desk at work… It’s pretty amazing – I particularly like seeing when our vessels come & go!


I started to get peckish around 11am, so I just had a cup of broth – so delicious and satisfying. I actually put a whole lot of the chicken bones in the slow cooker again this morning – thinking I will do this batch as a perpetual batch for the week given that I used heaps of chicken in comparison to the size of my slow cooker.. Speaking of my slow cooker, that leads me to lunch…

Lunch: Slow cooked beef cheeks with parsnips and cabbage, finished off with a mandarine.

W30 D28 L

A funny story goes with making this actually. I put it on for dinner on Wednesday, as per recipe, cooked for 8 hours on low. Got home from work and the meat was still tough. This is not the first time this has happened, so I am starting to think my slow cooker low setting is really low! So I left it in hope that it would sort itself out. I checked it 24 hours later and the meat was just starting to pull apart. So I added the parsnips and left it over night. Hence why it has ended up being Friday’s lunch. And boy was it good! I thickened up the juices this morning by pan frying them to reduce and served it on shredded cabbage. I do not miss grains or legumes at all – can you see why??

After work today I headed out to do the groceries (and return overdue movies!). The dinner plan changed slightly from original as we were meant to have friends over, but they had to cancel. So I quickly threw together something simple.

Dinner: Beef Fajita Salad with guacamole and some sweet potato fries