Whole30 Day 27

by regandholly

I had such a great sleep last night, getting back to normal “Whole30” sleep and it’s wonderful. I even woke up naturally at about 5:30am expecting the alarm to go off. 5:30am… the problem with that was that the alarm was meant to go off at 5am in order to get to our 5:30am Crossfit session. I have been cranky since.

Seriously though, I actually liked the look of today’s workout which involved Heavy Cleans and Burpees and finished off with some rowing sprints.. And I never train on Thursdays, which means I never get to be coached by Kaito – one of our many great coaches!

So how did it happen?? I went in and set my alarm last night, for the ususal 5am. Only problem was that I chose my “Crossfit” alarm, which only goes off on Mon, Wed, Fri because they are our usual training days. Big massive bummer.

So despite that I was pretty cranky with myself until about lunchtime, I have managed to control any form of emotional eating. Which is super, expecially given the post yesterday about my fruit binging! In addition to missing crossfit, I was actually cranky at myself also because of another reason too. My Whole30 is finishing in just 4 days. Sure that should be cause for celebration, but its not because I don’t feel like I have smashed the sugar or snack (emotional eating/binging) dragon that chases me down everyday. I managed to have a little calm down/refocus mid morning which has lifted my mood. And I have decided that between Sir’s birthday on June 8th and mine of June 18th I will relax (by no means go completely non-paleo) a little (we are in NZ for a week too) and then jump straight back on the band wagon post birthday. I also want to increase my training days. So anyway.. on to todays eats..

Breakfast: Left over greens & Sweet potato/pumpkin mash scrambled with eggs and an apple with cinnamon & unhulled tahini.

W30 D27 B

Once into work I had 1/2 cup of broth which surprisingly kept me satisfied until midday, so I had another 1/2 cup of broth to last me through to lunch with Sir. Lunch was leftover dinner, spicy chicken drumsticks & veggies. It was beautiful sitting out in the sunshine!

Dinner was at my sister house and I was so excited to see them – it’s been too long since my last cuddles with these cute kiddies! Hannah made a delicious roast (she knows I’m on the Whole30) with heaps of veggies. So satifying. Little Moo got all primal/cavebaby and got into the bones once she had finished her meal – there wasn’t any meat on it, but she thoroughly enjoyed chewing away at it!


Do you love getting into the bones once the meat is gone? I know Sir has a good go at them…only 3 days left of my Whole30.. looking forward to giving some well rounded reflection..