Whole30 Day 26

by regandholly

Today was pretty good, but I have to be honest – I was a fruit fiend! Need to conqure my snacking out of boredom once and for all!

Breakfast: Eggs with Mexican spiced leek, capsicum & spinach

W30 D26 B

I had half and apple and some chicken broth for morning tea.

Lunch: Left over Soup & Chicken from last night and like all curry dishes was even better! Oh there just wasn’t enough. I also ate the other half of my apple.

Afternoon tea is where I stumbled big time. I ate 3, yes 3 whole mandarines! Holy moly fructose overload. I tried to counteract this when I got home by eating a handful of cashews, epic fail. By then I felt guilty (what the?? that’s not what eating should be about!)… I redeemed myself with dinner.

Dinner: Spicy Chicken drumsticks with steamed greans & sweet potato/pumpkin mash. Oh and I had my friend over too 🙂

W30 D26 D

I then had a meeting for church events coming up at which I continued on my fruit binge and ate a couple of handfuls of grapes. Now to end this crazy fructose loving cycle! Anyone else struggle with overloading on fruit?