Whole30 Day 25

by regandholly

Wow less than a week to go on my Whole30. I started to review in my head this morning if I have achieved what I wanted from this…I think I have changed my snack habits and become more intutive – however, I am noticing this constant desire to eat and a feeling like I am always thinking about what meal is next. My food has become less interesting as time has gone on and I am feeling a little bored and my fruit intake has slowly increased. But in all of it, I can’t see myself swaying from this way of eating, just a little more relaxed.

Today started with Crossfit, which is a little different for a Tuesday. I am pretty stoked actually, I finally got my nemisis – the Snatch at 30kg. We actually did a Snatch complex of High hang snatch with 2 additional overhead squats, and I did my 1RM at 30kg. But I am claiming that as my new 1 RM snatch weight too.. I think I’m allowed to do that??

Since we were away on Saturday, I didn’t get in any grocery shopping or meal prep, so we are scraping the barrel for veggies. I kind of like getting right to the end of whats in the fridge, then I feel like I’m starting again on a clean slate. I think we can susrvive a couple more nights still!

Breakfast: Apple Scramble (again!) this time with a green apple, LOADS of cinnamon, macadamias, shredded coconut and a dollop of coconut cream – oh and the egg whites!

W30 D25 B

I had a morning snack of tuna and a mandarine. I have gone way overboard on snacks – which is not Whole30.. hopefully I can get a handle on them before I am finished.. I know I am eating out of boredom more than hunger! This is good to learn!

Lunch: Leftover pork & cabbage


See I snacked again in the afternoon! I am terrible! I had a pear, a mandarine and some cashews (I must stop buying cashews – they are a weakness of mine!).

Dinner was SOOOO good. I made Thai Pumpkin Soup and a roast chicken – surprisingly they went perfectly together!

W30 D25 D

I am totally looking forward to the leftovers!