Whole30 Day 24

by regandholly

Today was slow. I’m cutting back on coffee, so mid morning was a little struggle, but I managed to push through.

Breakfast: Apple Scramble
W30 D24 B

To get through my morning I almost consistently drank my favourite Bengal Spice Tea. A morning snack of an egg and a mandarine also helped.

Lunch: Leftover Eggplant & Broccoli with sweet potato and Tuna. the sweet potato was really floral tasting.. I didn’t really like it.

W30 D24 L

Can’t really remember what I ate in the afternoon if anything?? A handful of cashews as I prepared dinner..

Dinner: Pork medallions with sauteed leek & cabbage, topped with apple puree. I forgot to take a picture of this! Super simple – just baked the pork for 20mins and sauteed veg.