Whole30 Day 22 & 23

by regandholly

Wow what an awesome weekend. Bright and early we headed down to Wollongong to watch the Crossfit Australian Regionals. It was so great to witness so many amazing athlete’s and be there to support our team Crossfit Attitude! They did so well, giving every WOD everything they had. Very proud and very motivated!

Team CFA

Team CFA

Eats were interessting.. only meal I had was breakfast at about 4:45am, which was just my cinnamon apple egg white scramble I had made the night before. Since there were no paleo options at the event, I just ate snacks all day – rookie move – because now, 2 days on, I just want to keep eating! The snack were all good, apples, mandarines, nuts, boiled eggs.. But they were just that..snacks. When we got home at about 7:30pm, I ate the leftover fish and veggies we had in the fridge and went to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up hungry, my friend who is studying health nutrition says that’s because I didn’t eat a “whole food” for dinner. A whole food would be chicken including organs etc. Anyway, I woke up hungry so I ate.

Breakfast: Sauteed leek, tomato & capsicum with eggs, smoked salmon and avocado.

W30 D23 B

We went to church and grabbed some food to cook on the way home.

Lunch: Roast cauliflower & pumpkin with Chicken wings & drumsticks seasoned with a whole lot of made up goodness & paprika! It was so good, and I was so hungry that I didn’t take a photo! But don’t worry, I will be making it again and will share the goodness with you. I used organic chicken and it is so much more delicious! And I have stock happening from the bones in the slowcooker currently.

Dinner: Lamb rissoles with sauteed broccoli & eggplant.

W30 D23 D

How was your weekend? Did you follow any athletes at crossfit regionals?