Whole30 Day 20

by regandholly

Today was good. Not Corssfit this morning which meant I got to wake up slowly to the rain. I always love that. I actually woke up hungry – so that’s awesome because it means I am feeling better!

Breakfast was Just a quick reheat of veggies with some poached eggs & smoked salmon. Can never go wrong with poached eggs & salmon.

W30 D20 B

Morning Snack was an apple and some almonds.

Normally for lunch I get outside to soak in the delicious sunshine. However, Newcastle is suffering from a low pressure system which has brought with it rain and wind. So no sunshine for me. I sat at my desk and ate.. second downfall to the weather is that not getting out for lunch, means the day feels like it goes so much slower!

Lunch: Veggies with chicken & a boiled egg

W30 D20 L

I had a mandarine to tide me over in my drawn out afternoon. Sir and I decided to get movies out since it was a good night to snuggle up inside. We got Two Young Boys with Hamish Blake & Brett Mackenzie (from Flight of the Concords).. That movie was not what I expected. I was thinking it would be along the lines of other Kiwi movies like Eagle Vs Shark or Boy – however it was a bit more gruesome. It had humerous elements to it, but it wasn’t actually a funny storyline.. It was strange. We also got Life of Pi, which I had seen, but Sir hadn’t. I think he enjoyed it??

Dinner: Green Curry Fish with beans and cauliflower. I made this really hot. Almost too hot to handle!

W30 D20 D

I made a little sugar-free chocolate ripple with berries as a treat for the evening (I know – technically not Whole30.. hmm maybe I’m not so good at this??).