Whole30 Day 19

by regandholly

Today was still odd in terms of how I was feeling. Still had very little appetite..

I had an apple and a boiled egg for breakfast.

I then had another boiled eg for morning tea.

For Lunch I went to a local paleo cafe and grabbed Tomato & Bacon Soup. And had a pear.

By mid-afternoon I actually started to feel hungry again, so ate half of the lunch I had packed. Chicken, Carrot & Zucchini. I ate this for two reasons, 1 – I was hungry, 2 – I was going to Crossfit at 5:30pm and knew I needed something to give me enegry.

Crossfit was good, despite feeling a little weak because of being sick. I took it easy and didn’t try to max out on any of my lifts. We did 3RM Push Press (which I only did 30kg) and 5×3 Pause Back Squats which I used 45kg for. The WOD looked much easier on the whiteboard than it actually was.

Thrusters (30/20kg)
Bar Facing Burpees
Pull Ups

I only got 2 reps of burpees out in my round of 20 in the 12 minute cap. I was slow! But thats okay, I worked hard. At the end our coached asked the worst move and everyone said burpees.. not me. Those dang thrusters are what did me. I can do burpees, I can make myself keep going. But continuously putting that bar overhead is not so easy for my spaghetti arms! haha. Fun times.

I got home and made a delicious little post WOD snack of sauteed apple & cinnamon in coconut oil with egg whites. Then later on I was HUNGRy! So I had dinner which was just some more chicken, zucchini & carrot.

Finally starting to feel normal again!