Whole30 Day 18

by regandholly

Ah so my 3rd day in a row spent in bed. Actually I managed to be out of bed a fair bit longer today.. And finally my whole body isn’t aching, just still have the stomach cramps, but even those are getting less intense! Still have Avery little appetite, but getting myself to eat a bit.

Breakfast: Mushrooms, spinach, eggs & smoked salmon


I had a really late lunch/snack of spinach, pumpkin and an egg. I just don’t feel like anything that’s in my fridge!


I put dinner in the slow cooker this morning..just onions, sweet potato and grass fed diced beef with stock…then I added some balsamic vinegar and more S&P for seasoning. Turns out that maybe my low setting on my slow cooker isn’t working so well, because even after 10 hours the sweet potato was still not soft and the meat wasn’t tender.. so Sir finished his breakfast from the morning and I had a banana with tahini. Not very exciting as I still don’t have my appetite back.