Whole30 Day 15, 16 & 17

by regandholly

I was so excited to give a halfway update! But this post is late because I have been sick…flu maybe? But my tummy is also unhappy-super grumbly and sharp pains after I eat.

Day 15 was a good day though, I started off with an early breakfast after dropping my sis off at the airport.

Breakfast: Mince & veg scramble with an egg


We then headed to crossfit for an awesome Partner WOD: Kelly with a time cap of 40 mins:
5 Rounds
Run 400m together
50 Box Jumps
50 Wall Balls
(Equal share)
My partner and I finished at 39:08!! It was an epic push to the end, but stoked we did it! We then headed out for breakfast with the team. I just grabbed a raspberry frappe since there wasn’t anything on the menu that complied with paleo, let alone the whole30..

I had a massive lunch once we got home since my HRM reported a burn of around 800cals! Holy moly! So this was a big one.

Lunch: Roast Veg Frittata


I spent my afternoon meal prepping for the week.

Dinner: Pork Belly and sautéed sweet potato & tomato scramble


It was after eating this that I started to feel unsettled. Cramping in my stomach and a little like I wanted to throw up (there has been a bug going around)..I went to bed and slept terribly, and spent all of Sunday (day 16) in bed. I ate some sweet potato for lunch and then ate some mushrooms, broccoli & a boiled egg for dinner.