Whole30 Day 14

by regandholly

Wow. Last night I slept from about 10:30pm all the way through to 5am! Stoked! No alarm this morning, no Crossfit, just a leisurely wake up for me. Ah it really was lovely! We pushed out our usual Friday morning session to tomorrow morning. Saturday mornings have a different feel at the gym that I really like and it worked for us this week to change it.

So once again I whipped up some poached eggs for breakfast to go with mushrooms, spinach and smoked salmon. Breakfast has to be one of my favourite meals of all. Breakfast and Dessert.

W30 D14 B

Oh something else I am loving (and I’m not sure if it fits into the Whole30, but whatev’s) is my homemade ginger ale. It was quite a process to make, but totally worth it given that like all fermented foods, it’s loaded with beneficial bacteria known as probiotics and enzymes! The recipe is from Sarah Whilson’s blog, you can find it here. It’s super strong and gingery. Ah. I only use about 1/4 cup of the actual stuff and add sparkling mineral water just because it’s so strong. This morning I wanted the bit of spritz, so while breakfast cooked I had my mocktail with some apple cider vinegar. Yum.

Lunch ended up being a work thing. I went as Paleo as possible – the only thing I can’t be sure of is what they cooked my food in. I got the Angus Beef Cheek with carrot puree, spinach, speck and onions. But I am okay with that compromise – given it was so delicious!

I got home from work and quick smart popped a roast on. Just Chicken and veggies. I then put all my veggie scraps and chicken bones in the slow cooker to make some broth.