Whole30 Day 12

by regandholly

I felt much better at Crossfit this morning after that sweet potato with dinner last night! It was an epic WOD and although I didn’t finish it wasn’t to do with my energy levels! My sleep is still not better yet, but I know it will get there.

Todays eats:

Breakfast was a great combo of Sweet potato, tomato & spinach with poached eggs

W30 D12 B

I had a morning snack of 2 meatballs and some zucchini slices to tide me over until lunch.

Lunch: No picture, I was out at a Local Cafe called Raw which has paleo options on its menu. I had a simple chicken breast and salad with sweet potato on the side. Not as good as last time I asked for the bunless chicken burger, but satisfied my hungry spot!

I had a boiled egg for afternoon tea even though I really wanted an apple!

Dinner: I was going to make Meatza, but actually really felt like a curry/savory mince filled with veggies! Yum.


Off to Connect tonight..hope you’ve all had a great Wednesday!