Whole30 Day 11

by regandholly

Although I didn’t sleep well again (!!!) last night, I feel much better today. No training this morning meant that I could stay in bed a little longer – BLISS. But I did wake up famished, so I got up and threw together some deliciousness!

Breakfast: Sauteed brussle sprouts, tomato & spinach with 2 eggs

W30 D11 B

I had a snack of smoked salmon & sliced zucchini while at workies.. and just a couple (or a few?) cups of my favourite Bengal Spice tea.

Lunch: Garlic & paprika chicken with zucchini, broccoli & sweet potato/pumpkin mash, and a little drizzle of olive oil. I may have been naughty and also had 2 small spoonfuls of macadamia butter (I know I know its against the rules..).

W30 D11 L

Sir worked late, so I ducked home and put dinner on and left it cooking while I picked him up.

Dinner: pork and apple meatballs on sweet potato/pumpkin mash, zucchini & cabbage


Still struggling with wanting to eat sweetness after lunch & dinner even though I’m not hungry. Maybe I’m bored? At least I know this is the thing I need to work on!