Whole30 Day 9

by regandholly

I just didn’t feel myself today. This was interesting for two reasons:
1. I slept badly last night. This was quite a surprise to me given how well I have been sleeping. So I woke up feel wiped out.
2. I craved sugar all afternoon. Eew..I haven’t had cravings for the past 8 days, but today they hit me and it made me cranky! Maybe it was because I didn’t sleep well, maybe it was because I ate too much fruit at morning tea (which you would realise I haven’t been eating much fruit)..

Anyway to conquer the sugar dragon I ate as follows:

Breakfast: Brussle sprouts, spinach & eggs


After church I snacked on some fruit, but realised I was doing it not because I was hungry, but because it was there. We went to the park to see my sister and her beautiful little family (it’s Mother’s Day here) which was lovely, however short.

Lunch: I just had left over roast from last night-and didn’t take a picture.

I spent the afternoon feeling agitated and restless because i wanted sugar, so I had a cup of tea and a nap which seemed to help.

Dinner: Chicken “Satay” (using Sunshine Sauce)


I ate some more grapes and then a boiled egg before bed. And I’m off to sleep to hopefully get a good one!
I hope all you mums had a wonderful day!