Whole30 Day 8

by regandholly

Today started off slow. We had a late night last night (went and saw Iron Man 3) so a sleep in was wonderful! I got up around 8am and hit up some breakfast with the remaining food in our fridge..

Breakfast: Steak, sautéed leek & avocado


Sir went out for a long run (30km!!) so I did the groceries and smashed out meal prep for the week. I really feel like I spent the whole day in the kitchen, but I did really enjoy myself! I started to get hungry around 1:30pm, just as Sir called me to say he wanted me to pick him up, so I quickly ate what I had prepared for him!

Lunch: Ground beef with mashed sweet potato & pumpkin and broccoli (I used a new indian seasoning for the meat and put a little coconut cream in the mash).


Once we got home I then returned to the kitchen to finish off the prep and start dinner (literally all day in the kitchen!). Sir had a little nap while Pirates of the Caribbean played in the background.

Dinner: Roast Pork with “cheesey” cauliflower, pumpkin & green beans.


I even enjoyed some crackling! And now I’m off to bed..wishing I could be with my Mum tomorrow to make her feel super blessed! Make sure you spoil your mum!