Whole30 Day 7

by regandholly

Well a few things to talk about today before I get into my eats for Day 7!

Firstly, how lame is it when you’re feeling great, nailing your nutrition, getting lots of sleep and then you go to workout and have no gas in the tank? Gah that was me this morning and man got frustrated at myself as I struggled to get out my power cleans for Elizabeth! (A timely word posted on CFA website about this frustration). To be fair (and some of you may bristle me for this..) I get up at 5am, and start Crossfit by 5:30am with an empty stomach. I have actually been sensing that I need to be eating something pre-workout, but that can be difficult when training so early. Additionally besides a banana I’m not really sure what to eat? Anyone have suggestions?

Secondly, I said yesterday I would tell you what I learned at our style workshop last night! I was a little cranky by the time I got there because I was late from it being ridiculously hard to find a park! But once I setled in I had fun. The outfits were cute and I learned I am a triangle (big hips, small bust), but other tahn that, I still walked away wondering how I put things together that are already in my wardrobe and how I add to my wardrobe with things that will go! Maybe its just because I just have no sense in home to make outfits work, I’m not an accessoriser and I don’t feel like I have a ‘style’.

Anyway onto eats:

Breakfast: We were out of eggs so I got into a delicious piece of Steak with a side of mash sweet potato & broccoli.

W30 D7 B

Snack: Little piece of chicken and 2 cubes of honeydew melon.

Lunch: This was a bit of a mix up.. Chicken & egg whites with sweet potato, broccoli, spinach & tomato. I totally forgot to take a picture of this because I was super hungry after a 12:30pm meeting.

Dinner: Again a bit of a mix up because I was just finishing off what was in our fridge. Turkey rissoles made with egg whites, leek & grated carrot with sauteed mushrooms, tomato & half apple.


Tonight we did a Partner throw down at the gym and it was so much fun! Random fun exercises like buddy carrys, walking lunges holding hands, burpee broad jumps over each other, two in the jump rope..it was great for team building!