Whole30 Day 5

by regandholly

I had an awesome sleep last night – it was just disappointing that it finished too early when the alarm went of at 5am for Crossfit. Mind you, I always feel better & lively by the time I’m home. Can’t not when you’ve just smashed a WOD. We worked on muscle up progression today, and I’m not going to lie, it’s not my favourite thing to do. I kind of struggle with then point when I can’t even do a pull up yet (almost!). Anyway I digress.

Breakfast was leek, sweet poatao and spinach topped with an egg and some egg whites (to save eggs for Sir).

W30 D5 B

I decided to pack a protein snack since I knew I have been getting hungry around the 11am mark particulary when I have trained- and it struck me just as predicted. I just snacked on some grilled chicken and a coulpe of sneeky chunks of honeydew melon. Yum!


Lunch came around nice and fast, but I didn’t rush. Surprisingly (or maybe not?) I was hungry by 1pm, which is my usual lunch date with Sir. He made it back in time today! It was just some Cabbage, Carrot, Zucchini & Ground Beef.

W30 D5 L

Okay – I have to fess up here. I know this goes against all Paleo & Whole30 guidelines but I may have looked at some calculations regarding calories and macros and while I love the idea of not using these tools, I have been concerned about eating too much/too little/not enough protein/too much fat.. So accordingly I had an afternoon snack to fill in some of the gaps I found in my day – just some tuna and egg whites. Plus this worked well as a pre-workout since I was going to train with the Soccer boys at about 7pm. And now I know what to fix up in my morning meals to make sure I don’t have a crazy deficit of any kind at the end of the day and my ‘intuitve’ eating can be done smarter!

Dinner was just baked salmon with veggies.


I realise that my food selection is seemingly boring, but boring/simple is working for now. What tools do you think are most important to achieve your nutrition goals in a day?