Goals Update – Triathlons & Hanstand Push-ups

by regandholly

If you’ve been following my ramblings for a little while you would recall some crazy goals I set for myself back in November. The first was relating to Bootcamp, which I updated you about here. That was fun. Secondly was my triathlon which I completed (without the swim because it was cancelled). This was as tough as I expected, both in discipline of training and actually completing it on the day. Even though I didn’t do as well as I want, I was still stoked to be finished!

Post Sparke Helmore Triathlon - I'm on the right

Post Sparke Helmore Triathlon – I’m on the right

Believe it or not (not even sure I do?) but I do want to complete another one next season. I might do the Sparke Helmore again, or I might look at doing a smaller event earlier in the season. But I’ll think about that after winter!

So these days my goals are focused around Crossfit – what weight I want to be able to lift, being able to do pull-ups and toes to bar – oh and those Handstand push ups that we talked about! So to update you one those..

We practice them quite regularly at our box. Since starting crossfit I have learnt the best progressions for these. I can now kick up into a handstand, lower (drop?) to my head and I have started to practice my kip (this is using the hips to help get you weight up) to push up. Problem I am finding now is that 1) my kip isn’t fast enough 2) My arms/shoulders should join in as my hips open, but I haven’t quite worked out the coordination on that! So its all fun. I also practice free standing, which will eventually work towards walking on my hands.

Lesson Learnt: While achievement of my goals my not look like what I had planned, I have to make sure I realise that I am actually making progress.

What goals have you been working on of late that the progress my not look like what you thought?