Whole30 Day 4

by regandholly

Sorry this post is late – we had a very special day with family and close friends farewelling a sweet baby boy. Sir and I travelled back to my hometown, but I made sure I went prepared, knowing eats could be a tough one. I don’t have many pics though as they just didn’t happen!

Breakfast was Leek & mushroom sautéed, topped with eggs & a coffee.


Then the day progressed and I are the following, quite nicely spaced out..I ha packed all of the following (including almond milk for my coffee!). The only exception was dinner – it ended up being a spontaneous one with old friends – which was so lovely! We got home just in time for bed!

Half banana & few nuts (about 8)
Chicken & veggies & avocado & coffee
Baked Chicken & Pumpkin (small serve)
Nuts & a boiled egg

Still working on determining hunger vs habit..but I will get there! Sleep has been amazing! I have actually be sleeping right through, and on the nights I get up to the bathroom, there is still no restlessness! Amazing!