Whole30 Day 3

by regandholly

Crossfit this morning was epic. I smashed it, and it smashed me! Just how it ought to be! I was super glad that I ate a banana before hand!

Tried desperately to up my 1RM Snatch to 30kg, but could only successfully lift 29kg. How is it that I can Snatch 29kg, but not 30kg… I think its my head!

We followed that by 20RM Back Squat, with the weight heavier than last week. I did 45kg last week, why not add 5kg?? Haha. I was struggling by my 6th rep, but slowly, surely I got all 20 reps out at that killer weight of 50kg. My whole body was shaking, I felt out of breath with each rep and the grunts were quite unlady-like! But that’s Crossfit and I love it!

Followed (keenly?) by today’s WOD: For time: 12 min cut off:

20 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

18 1 arm KB Snatches (alternating) (Rx 24/16kg)

6 x 25m shuttle sprints

15 C2B

14 KB Snatch

5 x 25m shuttle sprints

10 C2B

10 KB Snatches

4 x 25m shuttle sprints

11.05 minutes, using purple band and 8kg KB (pitiful I know! haha)

I got home and I was still shaky – so I quickly prepared and consumed sauteed veg (sweetpotato, tomato, zucchini & spinach) with 2 runny yolk eggs. With this I also had my standard flat white almond milk coffee.

W30 D3 B

I had another coffee when I got to work around 8:30am. By 11am, I was unsure wether I was really feeling hungry, or if I was just board, so I had a cup of Bengal Spice Tea – delicious and cinnamony! By 12:30pm, I did actually feel hungry, but was holding out for my scheduled lunch date with Sir (however, turned out that he got caught up at uni so no date). Ground Beef and Veggies. By the way – I am loving that all this food has been prepped before the start of the week – cooking is so much quicker and there is miminal clean up! When I finally (really) cook again I will give you a new recipe!

W30 D3 L

Dinner was a simple throw together becuase I had prepped it all over the weekend. Paleo Pad Thai from Clothes that Make the Girl (one of my favourite blogs! Melissa is the author of Well Fed, a paleo prep/cookbook that I will do a review on soon). I highly recommend you check her page out and consider purchasing her book.


Only modification I made to the recipe was to use shredded cabbage instead of spaghetti squash and broccoli instead of snap peas.

You know what Whole30 wins I had today?

– I’m beginning to question & recognise whether I am hungry or just bored. Normally I would have just eaten.

– I don’t have any cravings – like none.. not even for chocolate!

– Less of a mid-afternoon slump.

What wins did you have today?