Whole30 Day 1

by regandholly

One day down, 29 to go.


Last night we had a bit of throw down – Gladiators vs Challengers style. It was such an awesome atmosphere, the regionals team as gladiators, some members competing as challengers and others there to judge and cheer! So what Crossfit is all about!

We, the challengers made teams of 3 and the gladiators were in 2. I went into a group with two guys, Ben and Luke. The 30 minute WOD was as follows:

0-5 minutes

1km row while other member holds a handstand – every member must row some of the distance.

I started the handstand and the two boys shared the row. We then switched as I couldn’t hold any longer, my shoulda were shaking so bad! We finished at about the 4 minute mark.

5-10 minutes

500m Buddy Carry – each member must carry another some of the distance. The boys smashed this one! They both carried me 200m each, then Ben carried me the last 95m and I carried him the last 5m!

10-20 minutes

Establish the teams total weight for 3RM Squat Clean.

I started my weight at 35kg, and worked up to max at 40kg. I think I could have done more had I been completely fresh – but that’s the nature of Crossfit.

20-25 minutes

75 Snatches (37.5kg/25kg). Only one person in the team could work at once so the boys alternated and I lifted as they switched.

25-30 minutes

FRAN: 21-15-9

Thrusters (42.5/30kg)

Pull ups

I felt so useless in this one! Firstly, to begin with I could barely get the thruster bar over my head and secondly, I can’t yet do pull ups. I did however muster up strength towards the end and smash out a few of the thrusters.

Wow- epic and so fun!


So onto my first day of the Whole30. We slept in this morning which was so good, so needed! So a late breakfast was had, after I snuck in a banana, we had just a veggie scramble with two eggs. And a coffee with a dash of almond milk (I’ve decided that’s okay!).


I did a whole lot of food prep mid morning – like everything! Which will make my week super easy! Then I had a late lunch of brussel sprouts cooked in lemon & chilli with some mince beef.


I went to a high tea this afternoon, so I did snack on a couple of olives, but that’s it. I got home and was hungry so just had some honeydew melon. I know I’m not meant to snack, but dinner was still at least an hour and a half away and I was listening to my body.

Dinner – yum! Roast lamb and veggies! Cannot go wrong.


How was your Saturday? Productive/relaxing/celebratory?