Cheap Superfoods – Review

by regandholly

I love good food and putting the best in my body, to get the best out of my body! Do you? If so, keep reading below because I’m onto something good!

The other day I stumbled upon an Australian website for Organic Superfoods at affordable prices. Cheap Super foods “are committed to providing the highest quality products at prices everyone can afford”. This is well and good, but I thought I would put it to the test! Things I look for when I’m going to buy “additionals” to our staples are:

– Affordability

– Accessibility

– Rewards/Benefits

I first was hunting down some Cacao Powder. The last time I bought this I think I spent around $17 for 250g from a local healthfood store. At Cheap Super foods, 250g bag of Organic Cacao Powder is just $11.95, and if you buy multiples, you can get it even cheaper! I am yet to fully compare other product pricing, but as far as I’m concerned the quality of these products for their price is wonderful! They also have a policy of “Cheapest Price, or we’ll beat it by 5%” – can’t go wrong with that! Affordability – CHECK

The website is so easy to navigate! You can choose to view & shop for products by Product, Benefit or Use. This makes it super simple to find any product you might be looking into specifically, or if your like me, just go into view all products and add the majority to your cart! Shipping is also affordable and quick. If you order over $70, shipping actually become free – what a bonus! Accessibility – CHECK

I love that they include their research and information into the Superfoods they have available, I began to see the value/necessity alot of them could have in my life! I love the side panel of each product which gives you a quick list summary of the ‘super’ properties of the product. And you know what else is super cool about these guys – you can order sample bags for free (and just pay postage)! this is awesome if your looking into a product and you want to try it out. Rewards/Benefits – CHECK

So far I have purchased/sampled and loved:

– Organic Cacao Powder

– Organic Maca Powder

– Organic Mesquite Powder

– Organic Wheatgrass Powder

– Organic Acai Powder

I have used them mostly in smoothies so far and they add depth and flavour and so much goodnes! I can see they will also be valuable in other baking/uses over time! My only issue currently is that there is no serving size suggestion on the packets, whilest I can assume it would be between 1tsp and 1Tbs it would be useful to know for each product so that I am using enough, but not too much.

Many may be skeptical at this point as to how they can be cheaper than other healthfood stores and this is explained so simply on the site – “no storefronts, no middlemen, and no unecessary expenses. These 3 principles allow us to keep our prices extremely low without us having to compromise on quality.”

I thoroughly look forward to continued good service from the team at Cheap Superfoods and expansion of their product range.

Head on over to Cheap Super foods and check the goodness out for yourself!

Disclaimer: These opinions are mine own. In no way have I been compensated by the company Cheap Superfoods.