Whole30# & why I Love Crossfit

by regandholly

Happy Friday lovely People!

Okay, so it’s decided… Sir and I are giving the Whole30 another shot!

I feel much more prepared coming into this one, firstly,  I’m working FT so I have a routine and secondly, I have had a few months of getting back into the swing of meal prep. I am actually so excited to start this one that I think I might start tomorrow, instead of Monday. I did a massive grocery shop last night (seriously – Sir opened the fridge this morning and remarked “Whoa, we have food again!”), so there is fresh food galore, I figure why not just start? I thought that on my way to Crossfit this morning, but had already had a coffee (with almond milk – meant to be black on the Whole30) and I was so hanging for my smoothie that I gave up on that. But tomorrow looks to be a good day!

The reason I have used a # is because I haven’t actually decided if this will be a Whole30 or longer… starting tomorrow takes me up to 2nd June, which is great, but then I thought I could tack on 5 more days up until we go to New Zealand for 5 days.. but maybe not. At a minimum we will do the 30 days and then go from there.

While I am here, I thought I would give you a quick update on how we are finding Crossfit. And if you talk to us you will already know that we love it! Here are a few things I love about it:

– The Community – Crossfit group training is interactive and fun. Noone going solo with their Ipod ears in! It’s engaging and I actually get to work out, be encouraged and pushed by friends. I make every effort to be present and part of this community by reciprocating the encouragement and motivation.

– The Accountability – Every session one of my Coaches is there. They will work with me on technique, challenge me to up my weight (or help me take it off mid-WOD when I’ve gone to heavy) and tell me to keep moving/pick the bar back up/one more rep! I love that!

– The Scalability – I’m not there yet, and even if I knew where “there” was, I don’t think that it’s actually sometwhere you can get. So I love that every workout I can push myself to my limit and know that I killed the WOD and it killed me, so wonderfully put by one of our coaches yesterday here.

– The Measurability – If you keep track of your workouts and your lifting weights you can easily track your improvement. In the beginning I could only Squat Snatch the bar of 20kg, at the start of April my 1RM was 27.5kg, now I think I could do 30kg. Another example is that in the beginning I would always use at least the green band for my pull ups (not sure what weight that is??) and now I go for the purple! I love that I can see I am constantly improving, and not just at getting stronger or quicker, but improving at pushing myself outside my comfort zone and being confident in my abilities.

– The Suck – Without a doubt every WOD will suck. It’s all about the enduring The Suck.

What is it that you love about where you work out? Anyone keep to join in for the Whole30 and keep each other accountable?