Whole30 attempt 2

by regandholly

I’m thinking about it again.. Should I do the Whole30?? My new blogging friend over at Paleo Jess just finished yesterday and I was so excited to follow her whole journey this time, I got to thinking that I would love that sense of accomplishment.

Last time we started the day after we got back from the States. And while my body was in desperate need of the reset I really don’t think I had prepared myself for it mentally, especially with the ginning crossfit and triathlon training all at the same time.

I love eating Paleo and in no means do I feel restricted! I don’t really miss grains or dairy, apart from the occasional hankering for some cheese And I definitely don’t miss legumes like at all!

Anyway I am thinking of giving it another shot, but I need to determine the motivation behind it otherwise I am sure it will be another failure. I do eat quite well now, but am still snacking and being far to relaxed with treats (both paleo and non-paleo).

What I want to get out of it:

– to overcome sugar cravings

– to change snack habits

– to reduce my treat intake (even/ especially Paleo treats)

– to become intuitive with my eating

– to learn to listen to my body

– to reduce body fat

My concerns:

– not being disciplined enough to stick with it like last time

– I really don’t want massive restrictions on me, there should be freedom pin our eating, I don’t want to be obsessing about every little thing I put into my mouth

– missing my smoothies

– losing muscle mass and therefore strength

Okay so from that quick little brainstorm I have plenty more reasons to give it a shot than the concerns I have. In fact I have already thought about ways to overcome my concerns, such as being accountable to you by doing a daily recaps about what I ate and how I felt, sucking up the fact I can’t have smoothies, and simply making sure I am eating enough to fuel my body in order to not lose muscle/strength (not quite sure how to determine this one, but i can do some research)….in regards to the freedom concern, I do also know that there are certain habits that need to be broken off in order to really find it – I know I’m not there yet, hence why I guess I want to give my body this chance to reset.

So what are your thoughts? Should I Whole30 or not? Anyone keen to join me? You can read all about it here.