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Month: May, 2013

Whole30 Day 28

Another great sleep last night after a wonderful time with family! I woke up to Sir rustling around the bedroom because he was starting work early. It was about 7am and I felt good. I was hungry so I thought I would give the ol’ Bulletproof Coffee idea a shot!


Bulletproof Coffee
1 Espresso Shot
1 TBS Coconut Oil
1 TBS Butter (Preferably grassfed)

Add all to blender and blend for a few seconds until it’s frothy. Enjoy the creamy goodness! Apparently you can use heaps of the fats – just see what you like! I added more water – just be careful blending hot stuff, the pressure may make your blender explode! I learnt that the hard way a few years ago making pumpkin soup.. lets just say the burns I got weren’t the most annoying thing, it was the cleaning up!

The thought behind this is that the healthy fats from the butter (all the goodness of dairy fat, without the harmful dairy proteins) and coconut oil will keep you satisfied. You can read up on it here. Also want to mention here that I’m not doing the “Bulletproof” diet (although it is paleo) or using formal Intermittent Fasting principles.. Just trying stuff out and seeing how my body responds!

PS. Just thought I would show you the view I have from my desk at work… It’s pretty amazing – I particularly like seeing when our vessels come & go!


I started to get peckish around 11am, so I just had a cup of broth – so delicious and satisfying. I actually put a whole lot of the chicken bones in the slow cooker again this morning – thinking I will do this batch as a perpetual batch for the week given that I used heaps of chicken in comparison to the size of my slow cooker.. Speaking of my slow cooker, that leads me to lunch…

Lunch: Slow cooked beef cheeks with parsnips and cabbage, finished off with a mandarine.

W30 D28 L

A funny story goes with making this actually. I put it on for dinner on Wednesday, as per recipe, cooked for 8 hours on low. Got home from work and the meat was still tough. This is not the first time this has happened, so I am starting to think my slow cooker low setting is really low! So I left it in hope that it would sort itself out. I checked it 24 hours later and the meat was just starting to pull apart. So I added the parsnips and left it over night. Hence why it has ended up being Friday’s lunch. And boy was it good! I thickened up the juices this morning by pan frying them to reduce and served it on shredded cabbage. I do not miss grains or legumes at all – can you see why??

After work today I headed out to do the groceries (and return overdue movies!). The dinner plan changed slightly from original as we were meant to have friends over, but they had to cancel. So I quickly threw together something simple.

Dinner: Beef Fajita Salad with guacamole and some sweet potato fries



Whole30 Day 27

I had such a great sleep last night, getting back to normal “Whole30” sleep and it’s wonderful. I even woke up naturally at about 5:30am expecting the alarm to go off. 5:30am… the problem with that was that the alarm was meant to go off at 5am in order to get to our 5:30am Crossfit session. I have been cranky since.

Seriously though, I actually liked the look of today’s workout which involved Heavy Cleans and Burpees and finished off with some rowing sprints.. And I never train on Thursdays, which means I never get to be coached by Kaito – one of our many great coaches!

So how did it happen?? I went in and set my alarm last night, for the ususal 5am. Only problem was that I chose my “Crossfit” alarm, which only goes off on Mon, Wed, Fri because they are our usual training days. Big massive bummer.

So despite that I was pretty cranky with myself until about lunchtime, I have managed to control any form of emotional eating. Which is super, expecially given the post yesterday about my fruit binging! In addition to missing crossfit, I was actually cranky at myself also because of another reason too. My Whole30 is finishing in just 4 days. Sure that should be cause for celebration, but its not because I don’t feel like I have smashed the sugar or snack (emotional eating/binging) dragon that chases me down everyday. I managed to have a little calm down/refocus mid morning which has lifted my mood. And I have decided that between Sir’s birthday on June 8th and mine of June 18th I will relax (by no means go completely non-paleo) a little (we are in NZ for a week too) and then jump straight back on the band wagon post birthday. I also want to increase my training days. So anyway.. on to todays eats..

Breakfast: Left over greens & Sweet potato/pumpkin mash scrambled with eggs and an apple with cinnamon & unhulled tahini.

W30 D27 B

Once into work I had 1/2 cup of broth which surprisingly kept me satisfied until midday, so I had another 1/2 cup of broth to last me through to lunch with Sir. Lunch was leftover dinner, spicy chicken drumsticks & veggies. It was beautiful sitting out in the sunshine!

Dinner was at my sister house and I was so excited to see them – it’s been too long since my last cuddles with these cute kiddies! Hannah made a delicious roast (she knows I’m on the Whole30) with heaps of veggies. So satifying. Little Moo got all primal/cavebaby and got into the bones once she had finished her meal – there wasn’t any meat on it, but she thoroughly enjoyed chewing away at it!


Do you love getting into the bones once the meat is gone? I know Sir has a good go at them…only 3 days left of my Whole30.. looking forward to giving some well rounded reflection..

Whole30 Day 26

Today was pretty good, but I have to be honest – I was a fruit fiend! Need to conqure my snacking out of boredom once and for all!

Breakfast: Eggs with Mexican spiced leek, capsicum & spinach

W30 D26 B

I had half and apple and some chicken broth for morning tea.

Lunch: Left over Soup & Chicken from last night and like all curry dishes was even better! Oh there just wasn’t enough. I also ate the other half of my apple.

Afternoon tea is where I stumbled big time. I ate 3, yes 3 whole mandarines! Holy moly fructose overload. I tried to counteract this when I got home by eating a handful of cashews, epic fail. By then I felt guilty (what the?? that’s not what eating should be about!)… I redeemed myself with dinner.

Dinner: Spicy Chicken drumsticks with steamed greans & sweet potato/pumpkin mash. Oh and I had my friend over too 🙂

W30 D26 D

I then had a meeting for church events coming up at which I continued on my fruit binge and ate a couple of handfuls of grapes. Now to end this crazy fructose loving cycle! Anyone else struggle with overloading on fruit?

Whole30 Day 25

Wow less than a week to go on my Whole30. I started to review in my head this morning if I have achieved what I wanted from this…I think I have changed my snack habits and become more intutive – however, I am noticing this constant desire to eat and a feeling like I am always thinking about what meal is next. My food has become less interesting as time has gone on and I am feeling a little bored and my fruit intake has slowly increased. But in all of it, I can’t see myself swaying from this way of eating, just a little more relaxed.

Today started with Crossfit, which is a little different for a Tuesday. I am pretty stoked actually, I finally got my nemisis – the Snatch at 30kg. We actually did a Snatch complex of High hang snatch with 2 additional overhead squats, and I did my 1RM at 30kg. But I am claiming that as my new 1 RM snatch weight too.. I think I’m allowed to do that??

Since we were away on Saturday, I didn’t get in any grocery shopping or meal prep, so we are scraping the barrel for veggies. I kind of like getting right to the end of whats in the fridge, then I feel like I’m starting again on a clean slate. I think we can susrvive a couple more nights still!

Breakfast: Apple Scramble (again!) this time with a green apple, LOADS of cinnamon, macadamias, shredded coconut and a dollop of coconut cream – oh and the egg whites!

W30 D25 B

I had a morning snack of tuna and a mandarine. I have gone way overboard on snacks – which is not Whole30.. hopefully I can get a handle on them before I am finished.. I know I am eating out of boredom more than hunger! This is good to learn!

Lunch: Leftover pork & cabbage


See I snacked again in the afternoon! I am terrible! I had a pear, a mandarine and some cashews (I must stop buying cashews – they are a weakness of mine!).

Dinner was SOOOO good. I made Thai Pumpkin Soup and a roast chicken – surprisingly they went perfectly together!

W30 D25 D

I am totally looking forward to the leftovers!

Whole30 Day 24

Today was slow. I’m cutting back on coffee, so mid morning was a little struggle, but I managed to push through.

Breakfast: Apple Scramble
W30 D24 B

To get through my morning I almost consistently drank my favourite Bengal Spice Tea. A morning snack of an egg and a mandarine also helped.

Lunch: Leftover Eggplant & Broccoli with sweet potato and Tuna. the sweet potato was really floral tasting.. I didn’t really like it.

W30 D24 L

Can’t really remember what I ate in the afternoon if anything?? A handful of cashews as I prepared dinner..

Dinner: Pork medallions with sauteed leek & cabbage, topped with apple puree. I forgot to take a picture of this! Super simple – just baked the pork for 20mins and sauteed veg.

Whole30 Day 22 & 23

Wow what an awesome weekend. Bright and early we headed down to Wollongong to watch the Crossfit Australian Regionals. It was so great to witness so many amazing athlete’s and be there to support our team Crossfit Attitude! They did so well, giving every WOD everything they had. Very proud and very motivated!

Team CFA

Team CFA

Eats were interessting.. only meal I had was breakfast at about 4:45am, which was just my cinnamon apple egg white scramble I had made the night before. Since there were no paleo options at the event, I just ate snacks all day – rookie move – because now, 2 days on, I just want to keep eating! The snack were all good, apples, mandarines, nuts, boiled eggs.. But they were just that..snacks. When we got home at about 7:30pm, I ate the leftover fish and veggies we had in the fridge and went to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up hungry, my friend who is studying health nutrition says that’s because I didn’t eat a “whole food” for dinner. A whole food would be chicken including organs etc. Anyway, I woke up hungry so I ate.

Breakfast: Sauteed leek, tomato & capsicum with eggs, smoked salmon and avocado.

W30 D23 B

We went to church and grabbed some food to cook on the way home.

Lunch: Roast cauliflower & pumpkin with Chicken wings & drumsticks seasoned with a whole lot of made up goodness & paprika! It was so good, and I was so hungry that I didn’t take a photo! But don’t worry, I will be making it again and will share the goodness with you. I used organic chicken and it is so much more delicious! And I have stock happening from the bones in the slowcooker currently.

Dinner: Lamb rissoles with sauteed broccoli & eggplant.

W30 D23 D

How was your weekend? Did you follow any athletes at crossfit regionals?

Whole30 Day 21

Got up early this morning to make it to the 5:30am Crossfit class. IT WAS HARD to get out of bed. It was ridiculously windy and rainy outside and oh so cosy and snuggly in my bed. But with Sir’s encouragement I did it. And as per usual, it was totally worth it! A tough WOD though:

5RM Deadlift (Fast, perfect reps)

Then 3 rounds for Time:
10 Power Snatches (40/30kg)
30m KB overhead Walk (24/16kg) Right hand
20 Push Press
30m KB overhead Walk Left Had
10 Burpees

I finished in 17:33mins. I used little weights (think my strength is still a little low after being sick), I started with 20kg for my snatch and went down to 15kg, similarly with my push press. I also only used a 9kg KB. But I still chuffed along and finished. Looking forward to getting my head back in the game and smashing out some better numbers.

Breakfast was awesome this morning. Totally felt like an apple, so I whipped up my new go to.

Apple Scramble

1 Apple, cored and chopped

Cinnamon, to your hearts desire

1/2 Cup Egg whites

Coconut Oil

Melt coconut oil in pan on medium heat. Add apple and cinnamon and cook until soft. Add egg whites and scramble with apple until cooked. Place in bowl and add toppings such as shredded coconut, nut butter (I used tahini), cacao nibs… anything you feel like really, within paleo reason. I was a wonderful thing..

W30 D21 B

That breakfast set me off to a good start. I had a snack mid morning of a boiled egg and a pear. Then Lunch ended up out for work to celebrate my boss’ birthday. I chose the most paleo option of Lamb shoulder with baby roast vegetables. I did eat the potato’s that came with it. It was delicious!

Tonight we are out for a friends birthday. Going to Mexican – at a little tequila bar that I have been to previously and I am confident that I can get something suitable.

Very excited that we are off to Crossfit Regionals tomorrow to cheer on our team Crossfit Attitude! Are you following anyone in particular in the Regional Comp??

Whole30 Day 20

Today was good. Not Corssfit this morning which meant I got to wake up slowly to the rain. I always love that. I actually woke up hungry – so that’s awesome because it means I am feeling better!

Breakfast was Just a quick reheat of veggies with some poached eggs & smoked salmon. Can never go wrong with poached eggs & salmon.

W30 D20 B

Morning Snack was an apple and some almonds.

Normally for lunch I get outside to soak in the delicious sunshine. However, Newcastle is suffering from a low pressure system which has brought with it rain and wind. So no sunshine for me. I sat at my desk and ate.. second downfall to the weather is that not getting out for lunch, means the day feels like it goes so much slower!

Lunch: Veggies with chicken & a boiled egg

W30 D20 L

I had a mandarine to tide me over in my drawn out afternoon. Sir and I decided to get movies out since it was a good night to snuggle up inside. We got Two Young Boys with Hamish Blake & Brett Mackenzie (from Flight of the Concords).. That movie was not what I expected. I was thinking it would be along the lines of other Kiwi movies like Eagle Vs Shark or Boy – however it was a bit more gruesome. It had humerous elements to it, but it wasn’t actually a funny storyline.. It was strange. We also got Life of Pi, which I had seen, but Sir hadn’t. I think he enjoyed it??

Dinner: Green Curry Fish with beans and cauliflower. I made this really hot. Almost too hot to handle!

W30 D20 D

I made a little sugar-free chocolate ripple with berries as a treat for the evening (I know – technically not Whole30.. hmm maybe I’m not so good at this??).

Whole30 Day 19

Today was still odd in terms of how I was feeling. Still had very little appetite..

I had an apple and a boiled egg for breakfast.

I then had another boiled eg for morning tea.

For Lunch I went to a local paleo cafe and grabbed Tomato & Bacon Soup. And had a pear.

By mid-afternoon I actually started to feel hungry again, so ate half of the lunch I had packed. Chicken, Carrot & Zucchini. I ate this for two reasons, 1 – I was hungry, 2 – I was going to Crossfit at 5:30pm and knew I needed something to give me enegry.

Crossfit was good, despite feeling a little weak because of being sick. I took it easy and didn’t try to max out on any of my lifts. We did 3RM Push Press (which I only did 30kg) and 5×3 Pause Back Squats which I used 45kg for. The WOD looked much easier on the whiteboard than it actually was.

Thrusters (30/20kg)
Bar Facing Burpees
Pull Ups

I only got 2 reps of burpees out in my round of 20 in the 12 minute cap. I was slow! But thats okay, I worked hard. At the end our coached asked the worst move and everyone said burpees.. not me. Those dang thrusters are what did me. I can do burpees, I can make myself keep going. But continuously putting that bar overhead is not so easy for my spaghetti arms! haha. Fun times.

I got home and made a delicious little post WOD snack of sauteed apple & cinnamon in coconut oil with egg whites. Then later on I was HUNGRy! So I had dinner which was just some more chicken, zucchini & carrot.

Finally starting to feel normal again!

Whole30 Day 18

Ah so my 3rd day in a row spent in bed. Actually I managed to be out of bed a fair bit longer today.. And finally my whole body isn’t aching, just still have the stomach cramps, but even those are getting less intense! Still have Avery little appetite, but getting myself to eat a bit.

Breakfast: Mushrooms, spinach, eggs & smoked salmon


I had a really late lunch/snack of spinach, pumpkin and an egg. I just don’t feel like anything that’s in my fridge!


I put dinner in the slow cooker this morning..just onions, sweet potato and grass fed diced beef with stock…then I added some balsamic vinegar and more S&P for seasoning. Turns out that maybe my low setting on my slow cooker isn’t working so well, because even after 10 hours the sweet potato was still not soft and the meat wasn’t tender.. so Sir finished his breakfast from the morning and I had a banana with tahini. Not very exciting as I still don’t have my appetite back.