by regandholly

So I have been avoiding you.
Well not you exactly..but the gigantic task I gave myself of #365daysoffoodchoices & the Whole30 on top of coming home to no job (that took 8 weeks to change!) and the pressure of triathlon training..just became too much!
So rather than tackling it face on and telling you I didn’t want to do the food choices anymore because it was too much, be honest with how much I was struggling (and eventually have up) on my first Whole30, and how much I was struggling with my tri training I just left.
And for that I am super sorry! My whole heart behind this blog is to share all that stuff with you! Even the tough stuff!
So what have you missed in the last 3 months?
– we have kept eating mainly paleo probably about 80/20
– I finished my first duathlon (the swim leg was cancelled, so only did the bike & run)
– I am loving crossfit! And I have a massive goat list of skills/mobility/strength I need to work on!
– I have a new nephew! Nate Graham Hawkins! Cuteness!
– I got a job!back at my old workplace but in a new role
– oh Sir and I became Pastors at our church C3NC! How cool is that!

That’s all I can think of for now! I will add some pictures in soon!
So anyway.. I’m back!