#365daysoffoodchoices Day 26 #Whole30 Day 7

by regandholly

So I have the flu! 😦 massive sad face! I noticed it coming on midday yesterday but thought it might have just been from crossfit/bike riding. But no, it’s definitely the aches and my throat is a little sore.. Blah. Such a damper on my plans today. I ended up having a really quiet one, no exercise and only went out once for breakfast and to Kathmandu. I just hung out around the house, napped, cooked and ate!

Excitingly I made cinnamon & vanilla sunflower butter and a fresh batch of almond butter!:)

More excitingly-I had a brainwave to make a pot of tea (creme brûlée rooibos) and keep it in the fridge. It was a refreshing alternative to water! I think it will become a staple for the rest of summer!

Breakfast: egg white & banana scramble with vanilla raspberries and a choc truffle!

Second breakfast: 2 poached eggs, bacon & grilled tomato

Snack: mango, choc truffle, rock melon

Lunch: leftover cashew stirfry

Dinner: beef panang curry with pumpkin & sweet potato

I could totally hit up some chocolate right now, often feel mass sugar cravings when I’m sick because I’m looking for the instant kick-but I will resist and make a cup of tea instead!