#365daysoffoodchoices Day 25 #Whole30 Day 6

by regandholly

So, as you know I got a new bike on Thursday! A sweet little road bike that I am super stoked with!! I actually ended up riding 40kms yesterday! I rode to a friends place for morning tea, then to Sir’s work to pick up the car, an then later in the afternoon I rode the fernleigh track, which if your not from around here, is a beautiful track through the bush that runs the length of the old railway and is 15km each way. It’s a given to say I love my new bike!!

So my eats were great!

Breakfast: apple, cinnamon, coconut porridge

Snacks: chocolate truffles (completely healthy I promise! Only dates,brazil nuts,cocoa and vanilla bean!!)

Lunch: Salmon & tuna sashimi

Pre-ride: shallot & capsicum sautéed with 2 eggs & 1/4 avocado

Dinner: Thai green curry & Chilli stirfry

How did your day go?