#365daysoffoodchoices Day 24 #Whole30 Day 5

by regandholly

Awesome day of unemployment had right here! I got up at a leisurely pace, which in itself was amazing! But the exciting news of today was that I went a bought a second hand road bike for my triathlon! I have a feeling I am going to love riding it! We also did testing at crossfit tonight which was good to push myself while learning new skills. We did power cleans, back squat, front squat and push press. Stoked with my efforts!

My eats today were great and I feel like I had enough, but maybe that’s because I did no cardio..

Breakfast: apple, cinnamon, almond butter & coconut porridge

Lunch: roast veg, avocado & salmon

Snack: almonds & cranberries, cauli rice tuna, plum

Post-CF: mango, egg white frappe

Dinner: pork loin with onion, tomato & kale sautéed

Yumm! Only minor cravings for bread again today, but keeping strong! Need to up my carbs from non grain sources!