#365daysoffoodchoices Day 23 #Whole30 Day 4

by regandholly

Once again, today I did not eat enough. I also was wide awake at 3am for about an hour – not sure what that was about, maybe the wind outside, it can often make me feel restless.
I started the day at 6:20am with a brisk 35 minute walk to Merewether Surf House for breakfast with 3 of my work friends. It was so nice to catch up with them! I then went for a swim at the ocean baths. This was my first swim since September I think. Wow-I don’t overly enjoy it, that’s for sure! But I plugged away and did the 500m I set out for, not nearly consistent enough, but done non the less. At least I know in the triathlon I can always do a little breaststroke if I get tired. It’s the bike that concerns me. I will not walk my bike up the hills! Haha
I then walked briskly home and worked on some job applications. Yes I am on the hunt again! I feel super at peace about it though. But the rookie move here was that because I didn’t eat straight away I started to feel sick from being so hungry, and then I had to force myself to eat. I am so not normally like this! I think the problem is that I’m not preparing enough in advance to make it easy for myself. So I ate, went and had an hour nap, then had a mango smoothie when I got up. It was amazing! I cannot get enough of mangos at the moment!

So a quick recap of today’s eats:
Breakfast: two poached eggs, bacon & avocado

Lunch: tuna & cauli rice (leftover from yesterday)

Snacks: mango smoothie & later in the day an egg white, banana, flaxseed scramble with blueberries

Dinner: roast lamb leg with roast pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, tomato, onion & steamed broccoli & kale

How did you go with your eats today? Any you having any good/bad cravings?