#365daysoffoodchoices Day 22 #Whole30 Day 3

by regandholly

Wow it’s had to believe I have survived 3 days, and I’m feeling great! I had two cravings today – the first was when I smelt my nephews rye bread sandwich and the second was when I made the rookie move of going in the super market hungry and wanting crackers. However, celebration is in that I didn’t give into these cravings but found a way out!

We did Crossfit again this morning. It’s testing week, so lots of Olympic lifting to find 1 rep maxes for certain lifts. Since Sir and I haven’t done any lifting, we learnt the skills and didn’t add weight to our bars. The lifts today were the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. We did progressions of these, and to my surprise my technique came so naturally! It felt normal!! And our trainer commended me! Super encouraging!!! Super ridiculously sore now though. Additionally I went for a bike ride followed by a short run with my friend Jen (she is the one that convinced me to do the try and is my training buddy! She is awesome and super motivational)!

Today’s eats again probably need to be greater! I’m slowly getting the hang of it though.

Pre-CF: ACV, BCAA’s, chicken & peach leftovers

Post-CF/Breakfast: cauli rice & peach leftovers with 1 egg + 1 egg white and a mango seed

Snack: mashed boiled egg with cumin, tumeric & chili and mini cucumber. I also ate a plum at some point & I ate macadamia’s and cranberries to curb the cracker craving.

Lunch: cauli rice with tuna & peas..flavored with fresh lemon juice (this was to combat the bread craving and it worked!).

Dinner: red curry chicken & veg – delicious!