#365daysoffoodchoices Day 20 #Whole30 Day 1

by regandholly

I have decided to do a mash up with my food choices and the Whole30 since its all a good choice! I also wanted to keep a little diary of what I eat.. And you might even get some ideas!

Pre-breakfast: apple cider vinegar, lemon & cinnamon. I have missed this so much while traveling! I have this or a similar combo every morning! ACV aids in digestion, so gets your body working before you eat! Lemon is awesome for hydration first thing (since your bod had dehydrated over night!) and cinnamon boost your metabolism and aids in fat burning. Oh so good!

Breakfast: tomato & onion scramble & 1/4 cup blueberries

Lunch: homemade salmon, carrot & cucumber nori rolls

Snack: plum. I also had some macadamia’s and cranberries (not pictured). Oh and again-I went a little crazy on the pineapple at a baby shower-but hay, I didn’t eat the spread of delicious sweets including the blueberry white choc cake I made!

Dinner: we ended up eating at church, we had a bbq.. so we i ate steak and grilled tomato. Simple!

Day 1 o the challenge complete! How did you go?