#365daysoffoodchoices Day 17, 18 & 19

by regandholly

Once again – so far behind on these food choices! Ah.. I think I have been avoiding writing about my days in Auckland because I don’t feel like I made any.. But this is all about one choice that is healthy in comparison to other options present.

Day 17
We arrived at Sir’s Nan & Poppa’s place for morning tea and there was a massive fruit platter prepared! I love fruit! I do try to limit my intake to two serves a day. I did fail at this on this occasion because of my favourite…pineapple! Just now looking at the benefits I can see why I may have sub-conciously gone crazy on it! Two primary benefits gained from pineapple are aid in digestion and relieves sinusitis-I was struggling in these two areas in the last couple of weeks of our trip! It’s amazing how our bodies tell us what we need!

Day 18
This one is super simple. The choice I made was to not eat something on offer. Pizza.. Our cousin Amy came over late afternoon hungry because she skipped lunch at work-solution-pizza! It smelt so good and cheesy, but I managed to resist! Remember that every choice counts!!

Day 19
We arrived home this day!! So exciting to be back! We had brunch with the family which was awesome! But my favourite food choice was the dinner I made – it was so good to cook again! We had a super simple steak, tomato and salad combo! There are great benefits to cooking for yourself – the main one I like is that you know exactly what you’re putting into your meal (providing its fresh and non processed foods)! Here’s the deliciousness in process!