The Last Leg – Auckland

by regandholly

We arrived in Auckland by about 9am on Thursday morning and were picked up by Sir’s sister and three munchkin nieces. So good to see some familiarity. We headed straight over to Sir’s Nan & Poppa’s place to say hi to them. It was great to see them back home and looking so well!

After that we went back to Jodie’s place, caught up over coffee and had some crazy wrestles with the girls in which all sorts of gymnastics came out. That night we ad some extra guests come and see us, being Sir’s NZ mum (Aunty Bron) and the three cousins (Amy is our age, Ella and Zac). It was a great catch up with everyone, however by about 9pm my eyelids got heavy! It was about 1am in LA so I figured that was the reason. Lets just say – I had a great sleep that night.

The next day was more mischief with the girls. I have had a sore neck & headaches since Chicago, so made sure I took some time out for a bit. But everyone entertained themselves. Jodie, Nya & the boys did some work in the backyard, Asha and I got some washing folded while Talia danced around telling me what was who’s. Just normal family fun. That night I watched Happy Feet Two with the girls for Movie Night, Nigel (long time family friend) showed up, we packed (which has a string of funny photos to show the task that it was) and got to bed as early as we could.

We flew home early Saturday morning, getting into Sydney around 9am. Had brunch with 2 of my beautiful sisters, my bro in law and my nephew. We drove home and I was lucky enough to have my other beautiful sister, my other bro and my niece drop in! Ah so sweet to be home!!!