by regandholly

Day 1 – Thursday
We flew to Chicago bright and early, and got to our hotel around lunch time. Both of us were super tired, so all we did was grab some supplies, late lunch/early dinner, did a workout and hung out in our hotel.
Day 2 – Friday
This was our best first day in a city by far..not sure what it was about it though. We started off with a workout – always the best way to start the day!the the next best thing-coffee. Chicago doesn’t do great coffee like to find a coffee shop (that wasn’t Starbucks) took a little hunting and a short walk in the opposite direction to where we were headed for the day. But it got us off to a good start. I actually tried a pepper fig latte, the syrup was made in house and was quite nice. Was a little change to the norm!
Even after our miserable first day walk in NYC, we still decided to walk to our destinations in Chicago. We were headed to the financial district. Here are some snaps of what we found!
We stopped for a quick lunch at a salad bar called Protein Bar. It was super busy, and I can see why, it was delicious and healthy! Just a simple Chicken Quinoa pesto salad for me.. We walked back via some other buildings, including Frank Gerhy’s outdoor concert arena before getting onto the Magnificient Mile. This is the mile strip of shops and restaurants, but we only went half way because then we got back to the street our hotel was on.
So we spent the whole day out in the cold – temps were around -5’C, and Chicago is windy, so we had another quiet night in.
Day 3 – Saturday
We started Saturday off with a workout – I am getting heaps better at my double unders, can do about 8 in a row now!need to keep working on that skill. We walked down to the park and pier, but without coffee the morning was cold and difficult to enjoy!
Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

It’s funny how quickly the days go though, because after we had been down there it was lunch time. We just grab a quick bite to eat and then we walked the rest of the MM, through the shops to the other end where there were more buildings to see.
We had planned to go out for dinner at this point, only to check our bank account and see the money I had transferred over had not made it yet because it was a weekend. Whoops. So luckily I had only eaten half my serve of chicken and veg the night before and we had some cheese and apples. I actually wrote about this on Day 5 of my food choices here.
So no money likely until Sunday night or Monday morning…
Day 4 – Sunday
We used $11.50 of the $23.00 in our account to purchase 1 day tickets for the train. Today was the day to head about 40 minutes out of the city to a little area called Oak Park which has numerous houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was cold and we were walking all morning. With no money to spend we had a protein bar and an apple all day. With how much we had eaten in our time in NYC, it was actually really nice not to eat much. You know I’m a big advocate for making sure you eat enough and regularly, but desperate times ay.
F.L Wright Oak Park House

F.L Wright Oak Park House

F.L Wright House - Oak Park

F.L Wright House – Oak Park

After Oak Park, we caught the train all the way to the other end of the line to the university to see another Frank Llyod Wright house. It was beautiful!
F.L Wright Robie House

F.L Wright Robie House

We got back to the hotel around dark, and still no money in the bank account. Getting hungrier and hungrier we waited until 7pm before we made the decision. The decision to go out for pizza and wine at a beautiful Pizzeria and put it on the Amex. And boy it was worth it!
Another early early flight the next morning, alarm was set for 4am, but that’s okay – it was to Cancun, Mexico!!!