New York, New York

by regandholly

Wow this is a late one coming. I do so apologise, but I guess I have been making the most of being on holidays. We have already finished our week in New York, been to Chicago for a few days and I am now sitting on my balcony in delightfully warm Cancun.

And now I am finally posting this while being back in California!

Day 1 – Thursday

It was a little bit of a debarkle getting to New York, the first that we had actually. You always hear the stories of people missing their connecting flights, and now I can see why. We flew United from Calgary to Chicago and had a connecting flight to New York. We were lucky that you actually go through US customs as you depart Calgary, as such saving us time on the other end of the flight. For some reason our flight didn’t board on time, that’s all it took for us to fly into Chicago late, 15 minutes before our next flights departure time. They had said on the plane that a United Customer service person would be waiting for all those need to make it to flights to help us our – Chicago airport was huge, and just our luck our next flight was at the opposite end of the terminal – a good 5-10 minute walk. We didn’t know any of this at the time of getting off the plane. Our flight was on no board because we were in a Delta arrival/departure area, and there was no one to help. I went up to the nearest United desk to ask. I told her might flight time and she shook her head because it was obviously it should have departed. Lucky for us it too had been delayed. We made it there with just enough time for a toilet break! Gosh, I can see why people become so frustrated with the airline system!

We caught a cab from LaGaurdia to Manhattan, super simple. Found our apartment where the owner met us and told us some details of the area. He was right, we were going to love New York. We laid low that afternoon/evening, since we had such a massive day. We snacked on Wholefoods, played cards and began to dream about what we wanted to achieve in the up coming year. These three things became staples for our time here.

Day 2 – Friday

We walked down to the financial district. It was about an hour walk, which was okay despite the cold. It was sitting around 0’C on average, and although nothing compared to the cold we experienced in Calgary, completely different because we were spending our days out in it! Something we learned that day was that we like a little of hustle and bustle, we were out quite early in the day, obviously before things really got going, so it was a little non-event in atmosphere during our walk downtown. But we did see some buildings Sir wanted, the Brooklyn bridge, unable to get into the 9/11 memorial site without a reservation we headed down to Battery Park and resolved we would have to come back down another day. Being out in the cold sure makes me HANGRY! We had numerous coffee and snack stops during the day, but nothing delicious and satisfying. That was until we walked back through Soho to find a restaurant I had flagged. “Rawilicious” is just as the name implies, raw food. Now I know when we think of raw food, we thing of veggies, fruit etc completely uncooked. Amazingly though, common to raw food prep is the use of a dehydrator. These are used because the temperature is low enough to not reduce the nutrients in the food like cooking does. Neither of us had really ventured out in this area of food so it was fun to do! I had a fresh green juice, Sir had an almond milk latte (which he liked!!) and we had a piece of raw pizza. It was so yum!


That made my day and we wandered back through Soho to get home, with both the atmosphere feeling and us a little livelier, we had a lovely end to our day exploring! Later that night, hungry again (not sure how, maybe all the walking in cold?) we ducked down our little hub called Saint Marks Place and grab some Ramen for dinner.

Day 3 – Saturday

It was so hard getting up, not even early, but like a normal time like 8-8.30pm. I guess we had been staying up quite late and thrown our sleep pattern out a bit. But the cold and dark mornings make it so much more pleasant to just stay in bed, despite the big exciting city outside to explore. We headed off kind of early, since there was prediction of snow/rain and we were going to places people hoard to in that weather. First stop was straight up the subway to the Natural History Museum. Friends of ours had said it was amazing, and you could spend days in there. I totally agree. We wizzed around the areas we really wanted to see, went to a space show and then headed to our next destination, all in about 2-3 hours. Pitiful to only spend that little time there, but we had a lot we wanted to cram into the day! Upon walking out it was full on snowing! We had a little bit of snow fall while in Calgary, but not like this.


It was fun, to start with, but because painful as we tried to walk through it. All part of the adventure I say! Already it was lunch so we went and found a cute little raw, vegan place to eat called Blossoms. I had raw nachos which were great! And of course another fresh juice.

We then headed through Central Park to get to our next destination. It was quite sweet walking through there with it snowing, but again, snow is romantic to begin, until your covered in it, its hitting in the eyes and making the ground slippery! We had planned to ice skate here, but it just didn’t happen, and that’s okay. We got to the Guggenheim Museum and there was a MASSIVE line around the block. Lucky – we had purchased City Pass tickets to do all the tourist-y things we wanted to do and this was one, so we were able to skip the line and head straight in! It was pretty awesome!

Although I was thoroughly over museums and galleries, we went to the Metropolitan Art Museum since it was in the same part of town. It was a maze in there, so hard to navigate and so easy to get lost in. We wandered and looked at amazing art for what felt like hours and hours! I began to drag my feet in need of coffee or food once we hit the 19th Century Art. Although I love it, I was just so done for the day! Our final stop in there was the Egyptian display – they have reconstructed a temple from Egypt, as you do. It was pretty cool.

Day 4 – Sunday
Sunday was another day jam packed with touristy things to do. We not huge fans of the tourist thing, but it worked quite well in with seeing buildings that Sir wanted to see. We caught the subway up to time square which was bustling with activity as expected. I made sir walk through MnM world with me, we bought nothing, but it was still fun!
MnM World Lady Liberty

MnM World Lady Liberty

First stop after purchasing tickets to the observation deck in the Rockerfeller building at 1pm we went around to look through the MoMA. On our way I grabbed a giant pretzel to try. I had one bite and disposed of it – not a fan!haha
The MoMA was cool, although I was totally over museums and art by this stage. We wandered through the architecture and design section for a bit before grabbing lunch at the cafe. Nothing fancy.
Rockerfeller was windy!!an oh so cold! But we persevered and saw a great view of the city, 360′!
Top of the Rock!

Top of the Rock!


We then wandered around and looked at buildings that Sir wanted to see.
We then trekked over to the other side of town for an early dinner at a Japanese restaurant recommended by my sister. And boy. It did not disappoint!holy dooly, hands down best sushi I have ever had! Left me craving sushi ever since!
We attempted to go up Empire State Building that night, but there was a 2 hour wait just to get inside! Eew. So no, we went home for an early night.
Day 5 – Monday
Monday saw us heading over to explore Brooklyn, Williamsburg hipster town to be exact.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

It’s funny how difficult it is to function in the cold for more than and hour or two, so as soon as we got there we found a cafe and ordered coffee. America doesn’t do coffee like we do. So once again we found ourselves a little disappointed. We wandered and wandered around, found some cute bargains in thrift stores and bookstores.. Late in the afternoon we headed home to have some down time and dinner before we went back over to Brooklyn for fireworks, given that it was NYE. We didn’t want to brave time square and that gamble paid off because it was awesome in Brooklyn!
Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

Day 6 – Tuesday
We finally made our way back to the financial district to go to the memorial site for 9/11. It is a little bit of a mission to get in, but it is beautiful what they have done.
9/11 Memorial

9/11 Memorial


Afterwards we went back to battery park for a cruise. Ideally we would have chosen the option to actually go to Ellis and Lady Liberty Islands, but both are closed from Sandy. So a cruise was the next best option. Heaps of info on the history of the Islands and what’s on them, and gave a good view of Jersey, and Manhattan from the harbor.
That took up most of our day, so we went home for a bit and got ready for dinner. We had a table booked at Spice Market in the Meatpacking district. We got there early so explored for a little and found the Chelsea Market which was cute and boutique-y..just what I like!
Dinner was amazing! We opted for the chefs tasting menu, that although seems to be more expensive, is the best way to really experience what a restaurant is all about. The food was some of the best I have ever tasted..we had about 9 courses! And the restaurant itself was spectacular!
The Spice Market

The Spice Market

The Spice Market

The Spice Market

Although there was no space in our tummies, we did make a stop at the iconic Magnolia Bakery and purchase cupcakes. Yum, but I still think cupcake espresso is winning!
Day 7 – Wednesday
Broadway tickets are expensive. Anywhere from $90-$200 each. We had decided that out of all the shows, we wanted to see Charlie Chaplin. I did some research and found out you could purchase “rush” tickets on the morning of the show you wanted to see, first in first served. So bright and early on Wednesday morning we went into time square to line up. We waited about 30 minutes, but I think even if we got there right on 10am we would have been fine. Two second row tickets purchase for $70! Bargain!
To fill our day in, we went back to Meatpacking district to wander the Highline, which is the old raised railway line that has been developed into a walkway. Very cool.
We then made our way to Soho where we found a Natural Restaurant to have lunch. I talked about my lunch choice here.
Later that evening we obviously went back up to Times Square for Charlie Chaplin. I had neglected to inform Sir it was a musical, although I’m not sure what he expected? It was soooo good! Firstly I love musicals. Secondly, the cast did an amazing job of drawing us into the story! Oh I could quite happily watch it over and over again!:)
Time Square by night

Time Square by night


And finally we went up the Empire State Building for the night time view. I was freezing and my feet hurt from walking so far in high heels (not sure what I was thinking there!), so we didn’t stick around for long. Just long enough to appreciate the view.
That night upon a late bed time the alarm was set for about 5am. Next destination – Chicago!!
If you would like to check out more photos, since i haven’t included everything, just click this link 🙂