#365daysoffoodchoices Day 3

by regandholly

We have an early flight out of NYC this morning, I am currently sitting in the airport. We left home at about 5:40am. Many years ago in an instance like this I probably wouldn’t have worried about breakfast, but just grabbed something at the airport.. I can only just remember the days that I didn’t eat breakfast! Now I love it and cannot imagine starting my day without it.

So in order to work in with our early schedule I made a double batch of apple cinnamon oats yesterday morning and then last night before we went out to see Charlie Chaplin on Broadway I made it into a parfait in our protein shakers. I added layers of cinnamon Greek yoghurt and banana slices.

I bet you remember hearing your mum and/or health/fitness professionals saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Well they’re not wrong… Breaking-the-fast is exactly what you are doing when you eat first thing in the morning. It jump starts your metabolism and will give you energy for the morning.

I highly encourage you to start to choose to eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast to start your day right.