#365daysoffoodchoices Day 1

by regandholly

So as Sir and I stood in Prospect Park Brooklyn last night, waiting to being the New Year in with fireworks, he set me a blogging challenge for 2013.

#365daysoffoodchoices. The idea of these blog entries will be to share with you just one choice I make each day relating to food. I am aspiring to enter everyday just something short and sweet and hopefully about making healthy choices. Because really what we each comes down to what we choose. The hard fact is, no one can force us to eat that cupcake at the birthday party.. Every good food choice will lead you to a healthier you.

Day 1: As you may know, Sir and I are still traveling, currently exploring New York City. Traveling for the past 4 weeks has made it difficult to eat consistently well, especially with those cheats we so wanted to try! I haven’t wasted any of my choices on poor planning or ease of fast foods like McDonalds or Wendy’s. I have talked a lot about the choices I have made over the last few weeks and lets just say I am definitely missing my kitchen, food prep and routine! But let’s look at today.

The one choice I made today was to each Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) instead of Brown Rice. Now I love my Brown Rice, but Quinoa has so many good qualities I knew would be more beneficial to me. Here they are quickly:
1. Rich in Protein, containing nine essential amino acids
2. Double the fibre to other grains
3. Contains Iron which promotes blood health
4. Contains Lysine which is essential for tissue growth and repair
5. Contains Magnesium which relaxes blood vessels
6. High in B2 which increases energy and metabolism
7. High content of Manganese which protects red blood cells from rouge cells

More details can be found here, but I also encourage for you to do your own research and find what works for your body.

I hope you like my first day of #365daysoffoodchoices. Can you identify a food choice you intentionally made today healthy or not?