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Month: January, 2013

#365daysoffoodchoices Day 26 #Whole30 Day 7

So I have the flu! 😦 massive sad face! I noticed it coming on midday yesterday but thought it might have just been from crossfit/bike riding. But no, it’s definitely the aches and my throat is a little sore.. Blah. Such a damper on my plans today. I ended up having a really quiet one, no exercise and only went out once for breakfast and to Kathmandu. I just hung out around the house, napped, cooked and ate!

Excitingly I made cinnamon & vanilla sunflower butter and a fresh batch of almond butter!:)

More excitingly-I had a brainwave to make a pot of tea (creme brûlée rooibos) and keep it in the fridge. It was a refreshing alternative to water! I think it will become a staple for the rest of summer!

Breakfast: egg white & banana scramble with vanilla raspberries and a choc truffle!

Second breakfast: 2 poached eggs, bacon & grilled tomato

Snack: mango, choc truffle, rock melon

Lunch: leftover cashew stirfry

Dinner: beef panang curry with pumpkin & sweet potato

I could totally hit up some chocolate right now, often feel mass sugar cravings when I’m sick because I’m looking for the instant kick-but I will resist and make a cup of tea instead!




#365daysoffoodchoices Day 25 #Whole30 Day 6

So, as you know I got a new bike on Thursday! A sweet little road bike that I am super stoked with!! I actually ended up riding 40kms yesterday! I rode to a friends place for morning tea, then to Sir’s work to pick up the car, an then later in the afternoon I rode the fernleigh track, which if your not from around here, is a beautiful track through the bush that runs the length of the old railway and is 15km each way. It’s a given to say I love my new bike!!

So my eats were great!

Breakfast: apple, cinnamon, coconut porridge

Snacks: chocolate truffles (completely healthy I promise! Only dates,brazil nuts,cocoa and vanilla bean!!)

Lunch: Salmon & tuna sashimi

Pre-ride: shallot & capsicum sautéed with 2 eggs & 1/4 avocado

Dinner: Thai green curry & Chilli stirfry

How did your day go?


#365daysoffoodchoices Day 24 #Whole30 Day 5

Awesome day of unemployment had right here! I got up at a leisurely pace, which in itself was amazing! But the exciting news of today was that I went a bought a second hand road bike for my triathlon! I have a feeling I am going to love riding it! We also did testing at crossfit tonight which was good to push myself while learning new skills. We did power cleans, back squat, front squat and push press. Stoked with my efforts!

My eats today were great and I feel like I had enough, but maybe that’s because I did no cardio..

Breakfast: apple, cinnamon, almond butter & coconut porridge

Lunch: roast veg, avocado & salmon

Snack: almonds & cranberries, cauli rice tuna, plum

Post-CF: mango, egg white frappe

Dinner: pork loin with onion, tomato & kale sautéed

Yumm! Only minor cravings for bread again today, but keeping strong! Need to up my carbs from non grain sources!



#365daysoffoodchoices Day 23 #Whole30 Day 4

Once again, today I did not eat enough. I also was wide awake at 3am for about an hour – not sure what that was about, maybe the wind outside, it can often make me feel restless.
I started the day at 6:20am with a brisk 35 minute walk to Merewether Surf House for breakfast with 3 of my work friends. It was so nice to catch up with them! I then went for a swim at the ocean baths. This was my first swim since September I think. Wow-I don’t overly enjoy it, that’s for sure! But I plugged away and did the 500m I set out for, not nearly consistent enough, but done non the less. At least I know in the triathlon I can always do a little breaststroke if I get tired. It’s the bike that concerns me. I will not walk my bike up the hills! Haha
I then walked briskly home and worked on some job applications. Yes I am on the hunt again! I feel super at peace about it though. But the rookie move here was that because I didn’t eat straight away I started to feel sick from being so hungry, and then I had to force myself to eat. I am so not normally like this! I think the problem is that I’m not preparing enough in advance to make it easy for myself. So I ate, went and had an hour nap, then had a mango smoothie when I got up. It was amazing! I cannot get enough of mangos at the moment!

So a quick recap of today’s eats:
Breakfast: two poached eggs, bacon & avocado

Lunch: tuna & cauli rice (leftover from yesterday)

Snacks: mango smoothie & later in the day an egg white, banana, flaxseed scramble with blueberries

Dinner: roast lamb leg with roast pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, tomato, onion & steamed broccoli & kale

How did you go with your eats today? Any you having any good/bad cravings?


#365daysoffoodchoices Day 22 #Whole30 Day 3

Wow it’s had to believe I have survived 3 days, and I’m feeling great! I had two cravings today – the first was when I smelt my nephews rye bread sandwich and the second was when I made the rookie move of going in the super market hungry and wanting crackers. However, celebration is in that I didn’t give into these cravings but found a way out!

We did Crossfit again this morning. It’s testing week, so lots of Olympic lifting to find 1 rep maxes for certain lifts. Since Sir and I haven’t done any lifting, we learnt the skills and didn’t add weight to our bars. The lifts today were the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. We did progressions of these, and to my surprise my technique came so naturally! It felt normal!! And our trainer commended me! Super encouraging!!! Super ridiculously sore now though. Additionally I went for a bike ride followed by a short run with my friend Jen (she is the one that convinced me to do the try and is my training buddy! She is awesome and super motivational)!

Today’s eats again probably need to be greater! I’m slowly getting the hang of it though.

Pre-CF: ACV, BCAA’s, chicken & peach leftovers

Post-CF/Breakfast: cauli rice & peach leftovers with 1 egg + 1 egg white and a mango seed

Snack: mashed boiled egg with cumin, tumeric & chili and mini cucumber. I also ate a plum at some point & I ate macadamia’s and cranberries to curb the cracker craving.

Lunch: cauli rice with tuna & peas..flavored with fresh lemon juice (this was to combat the bread craving and it worked!).

Dinner: red curry chicken & veg – delicious!


#365daysoffoodchoices Day 21 #Whole30 Day 2

Day 2 of Whole30 was exciting for me! For two reasons.. One I started my triathlon training with a 6km run and two Sir and I did our first Crossfit session at Crossfit Attitude in Mayfield. I warn you now – you will probably hear lots about CF and how it’s style of training changes our lives!


Pre-run: ACV, BCAA’s & half banana

Breakfast: tomato & kale scramble with smoked salmon & a plum

Pre-CF snack: two egg white cinnamon wrap & blueberries

Post-CF/lunch: coconut milk, mango & banana smoothie – this was amazing and using coconut milk filled me up so good with those healthy fats!

Snack: 1/2 apple with almond butter

Dinner: chicken & peach crockpot with cauliflower rice

I can’t remember, but I may have snacked more.. I always have nuts around.. I was super hungry since with the exercise I did I burnt a total of 1200 calories! I don’t think I ate anywhere near enough to make up for that deficit-I will need to keep an eye on that to ensure I am fueling my body properly!



#365daysoffoodchoices Day 20 #Whole30 Day 1

I have decided to do a mash up with my food choices and the Whole30 since its all a good choice! I also wanted to keep a little diary of what I eat.. And you might even get some ideas!

Pre-breakfast: apple cider vinegar, lemon & cinnamon. I have missed this so much while traveling! I have this or a similar combo every morning! ACV aids in digestion, so gets your body working before you eat! Lemon is awesome for hydration first thing (since your bod had dehydrated over night!) and cinnamon boost your metabolism and aids in fat burning. Oh so good!

Breakfast: tomato & onion scramble & 1/4 cup blueberries

Lunch: homemade salmon, carrot & cucumber nori rolls

Snack: plum. I also had some macadamia’s and cranberries (not pictured). Oh and again-I went a little crazy on the pineapple at a baby shower-but hay, I didn’t eat the spread of delicious sweets including the blueberry white choc cake I made!

Dinner: we ended up eating at church, we had a bbq.. so we i ate steak and grilled tomato. Simple!

Day 1 o the challenge complete! How did you go?



#365daysoffoodchoices Day 17, 18 & 19

Once again – so far behind on these food choices! Ah.. I think I have been avoiding writing about my days in Auckland because I don’t feel like I made any.. But this is all about one choice that is healthy in comparison to other options present.

Day 17
We arrived at Sir’s Nan & Poppa’s place for morning tea and there was a massive fruit platter prepared! I love fruit! I do try to limit my intake to two serves a day. I did fail at this on this occasion because of my favourite…pineapple! Just now looking at the benefits I can see why I may have sub-conciously gone crazy on it! Two primary benefits gained from pineapple are aid in digestion and relieves sinusitis-I was struggling in these two areas in the last couple of weeks of our trip! It’s amazing how our bodies tell us what we need!

Day 18
This one is super simple. The choice I made was to not eat something on offer. Pizza.. Our cousin Amy came over late afternoon hungry because she skipped lunch at work-solution-pizza! It smelt so good and cheesy, but I managed to resist! Remember that every choice counts!!

Day 19
We arrived home this day!! So exciting to be back! We had brunch with the family which was awesome! But my favourite food choice was the dinner I made – it was so good to cook again! We had a super simple steak, tomato and salad combo! There are great benefits to cooking for yourself – the main one I like is that you know exactly what you’re putting into your meal (providing its fresh and non processed foods)! Here’s the deliciousness in process!


Whole30 Challenge

So you all know that I try to make consistently good nutrition choices. Although this was totally do-able while we travelled, I did make some choices that allowed me to indulge a little more than I should. So from that, I am feeling sluggish, headachy, stuffy, bloated and all round lousy.

So to reset my body, giving me more energy, better sleep and all round lift, I have decided to participate in the Whole30 Challenge. The rules are pretty simple, I have taken these from the Whole30 site:

– Eat real food – meat, seafood, eggs, tons of vegetables, some fruit, and plenty of good fats from fruits, oils, nuts and seeds

  • Do not consume added sugar of any kind, real or artificial.
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • Do not eat grains.
  • Do not eat legumes.
  • Do not eat dairy.
  • Do not consume carrageenan, MSG or sulfites.
  • Do not eat white potatoes. 

I think I will struggle most with the dairy. I love my milk, cheese, cottage cheese and yoghurt. But that’s okay, I really think that it will benefit me, in fact I know it will.

We are starting TODAY Sunday the 20th January and out 30th Day will be the 18th February.

This is the beginning of the decision Sir and I have made to try out the Paleo diet for 6 months. Now in reality, this is not a diet, it’s a way of eating for optimal health. I will talk more about this decision after the Whole30.

I will try to keep you updated each day on how we are going, what food we are eating, food preparation for success and the benefits we are finding. I hope you enjoy this little journey!


The Last Leg – Auckland

We arrived in Auckland by about 9am on Thursday morning and were picked up by Sir’s sister and three munchkin nieces. So good to see some familiarity. We headed straight over to Sir’s Nan & Poppa’s place to say hi to them. It was great to see them back home and looking so well!

After that we went back to Jodie’s place, caught up over coffee and had some crazy wrestles with the girls in which all sorts of gymnastics came out. That night we ad some extra guests come and see us, being Sir’s NZ mum (Aunty Bron) and the three cousins (Amy is our age, Ella and Zac). It was a great catch up with everyone, however by about 9pm my eyelids got heavy! It was about 1am in LA so I figured that was the reason. Lets just say – I had a great sleep that night.

The next day was more mischief with the girls. I have had a sore neck & headaches since Chicago, so made sure I took some time out for a bit. But everyone entertained themselves. Jodie, Nya & the boys did some work in the backyard, Asha and I got some washing folded while Talia danced around telling me what was who’s. Just normal family fun. That night I watched Happy Feet Two with the girls for Movie Night, Nigel (long time family friend) showed up, we packed (which has a string of funny photos to show the task that it was) and got to bed as early as we could.

We flew home early Saturday morning, getting into Sydney around 9am. Had brunch with 2 of my beautiful sisters, my bro in law and my nephew. We drove home and I was lucky enough to have my other beautiful sister, my other bro and my niece drop in! Ah so sweet to be home!!!