From the West Coast with Love – Seattle

by regandholly

So we got to Seattle late in the afternoon on Tuesday, which means that we would have 3 full days to explore. Our hotel was north of Downtown, mainly due to the parking situation. It was only about 15 minutes to drive into the city, depending on the traffic. At this point in our holiday we are lucky to be awake before 8am, and we are going to sleep by 12am… not my ideal sleeping pattern, but its working for now.

City of Seattle

City of Seattle

Sir noticed the cinema that we drove past to get to the hotel and found that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure was showing at 7pm in 3D IMAX. So we went to that. And it was so worth it! The scenery in the movie was amazing, as expected, and a few of the scenes we recognised the location from our travels around Queenstown/Milford. We got home from that around 10:30pm and had organised to Skype Sir’s parents at 6pm their time, so 12am our time. It was so great to see them and talk to them! All the family were there actually, Tim & Sal both home, and Jodie and the girls had arrived from NZ the day before.


SIr Parents <3

SIr Parents ❤

Day 1 – Wednesday

We woke up late on Wednesday, given that we didn’t get to sleep until after 1am. I got a little agitated after waking up, mainly because I don’t have a kitchen to go to, a dining table to sit at, or anything like that. Being in a hotel means being confined to the one room, and that room is dark until lights are turned on. Don’t mind me – just going a little stir crazy. Looking forward to getting to Calgary and being in a house!

Anyway, we got out of the hotel by about 9.30am, which was the plan to avoid traffic. It had snowed overnight! That was pretty cool, but meant it was very cold! We headed to the Pike Place Markets. I generally love markets, especially the ones with food! I love seeing an array of fresh produce to choose from. This day, I just wasn’t feeling it. One: the markets are big – it’s like a maze. Two: there was nothing I needed. Three: it was cold and wet! We wandered the markets until we got hungry, then went to find lunch. I had read some reviews about some places in town to try, and one we had past when getting to the markets. Etta’s. Etta’s is known for its Crab Cakes, so that’s what I wanted to try. I got a cup of Clam Chowder to start with, which Sir shared with me. And then I got the Crab Cakes for my main. It was served with sautéed Brussel Sprouts and Shoestring Fries. And yep I ate them.

Since it was raining, instead of looking at lots of buildings, we decided to got to the EMP. The EMP is a building designed by Frank O’Gerhy, the guy who did the Disney Theatre in LA. You will notice the similarity I am sure.

Frank O'Gehry EMP Building

Frank O’Gehry EMP Building

Frank O'Gehry EMP Building

Frank O’Gehry EMP Building

Guitar Sculpture inside EMP Building

Guitar Sculpture inside EMP Building

So inside this building is a Music Museum. It was pretty cool, but I’m not really into Punk Rock, so I wasn’t overly interested. We wandered that for a couple of hours and by about 3pm we were both just tired and over being out and about. So we just went back to the hotel. We had Thai takeout that night and just stayed in. Oh but we did attempt a workout! We did Burpees for 5 minutes. I managed to struggle out 75… I am definitely noticing my lack of consistent training! We did some pushups and stretching, but barely a proper workout.


Day 2 – Thursday

Again, another late rise, but I was a little more chilled about it this day.  This was the day we were going to see all the buildings Sir had on his list! We parked back down by the markets and went on our little walking tour. I love this part of our travels, by getting around on foot I think you get to experience the city a little better. Seattle was slowly growing on me… but the cold and rain were not my favourite! My feet were getting wet through my suede boots.

The first building we went inside was the Library – such an amazing space! I grabbed coffee at the café and sat down and rang my mumma! Was so good to talk to her! Ahhh. Sir went and explored the inside of the building and was not disappointed.






The other buildings we looked at were good… but I must say I enjoyed myself much more once I bought new leather boots and my feet stayed dry, and therefore warmer!


We drove over town to look at the Chapel of St Ignatius. Once again, this building did not disappoint…





My cousin Amy had commented on an earlier post of mine to let me know of some places she had researched that looked pretty cool. The one we found was Stumptown Coffee, a sweet little place that roasts their own coffee. And boy it was gooood coffee! Best we found so far I think! Oh and it was super hip.



The sky was clearing, so we made the most of it and went to the Space Needle. It was so windy up there!




On our way back to the hotel we stopped into a place called Pie. I had a hankering for pie since before we got to Seattle. And this little pie shop was awesome! I got a cheese and broccoli pie and Sir got a chicken pot pie. We also ‘may’ have got an apple and blueberry pie to share. Ah-mazing! That was our late lunch.


For some reason, despite having a late lunch, we still decided to go out for dinner. Sir wanted to take me out on a date, so I found an awesome little place in the Belltown area of Seattle. It was called Local 360 and their whole mission was to only use local produce in their cooking. Neither of us could decide what to have from the menu, so we went with the chefs tasting menu. For the appetizer we had crusted bacon with salad. For main we had pork fillet and mussels with sautéed vegetables. And dessert was brownie. The whole meal was delicious!


The only downside to the evening was that we got back to the car and had a parking ticket – for parking in front of a hydrant! Oh so annoying, but much cheaper than any parking fine I had gotten in Australia. This was Sir’s first infringement EVER.


Day 3 – Friday

This was our last full day in Seattle. We were checking out of our hotel and going to stay in town for our last night, since we had to return our car, it made it easier to get to the airport. Before we went to return the car, we stopped off at the Olympic Sculpture Park.


It was cold (this was before I knew what cold was!) so we didn’t stay for long, but by the time we finished we were able to drop the car off and check-in to the hotel for the night. We still had some food to finish so we snacked in the hotel for a while before heading out to find coffee. We walked about 3 blocks to a café I had found online and passed 4 Starbucks! Literally they are on almost every corner, and then some! We totally just chilled out for the afternoon.. we went to GNC and checked out some of their products and how much cheaper it is there than in Australia.. I was surprised it wasn’t too much.

We flew out early the next morning so had a quiet night in.


Next Stop Canada!