From the West Coast with Love – San Fran to Seattle via Redding

by regandholly

We arrived in Redding mid afternoon on Saturday. I know its a little boring that we left San Fran early, but both of us were just ready to keep moving. We used the rest of the day as down time, then went out to find some dinner. It was cold and ‘lightly’ snowing (again – think tiny shards of ice!). That was a bit of a novelty for us πŸ™‚


Redding was an interesting place, approximately 90,000 people live there.. mind you it didn’t feel like there was much going on. It’s one of those place in which it’s difficult to determine where the hub is. We got over that and just went to the shopping center.. I may or may not have left our power adaptor in San Fran, so we grabbed a new one and then to find dinner. I felt very limited in food options here, for the first time on our trip. In San Fran we had plenty of real food options that weren’t part of a chain. We decided to take our chances on a recommendation made by our friends in San Fran, Adam & Keira and go for Chipotle which is a Mexican food chain. We were not disappointed! I got a salad (to avoid any nasties that might be in the Burrito wrap) and Sir got a Burrito. So mine ended up being lettuce, tomato, black beans, onion, capsicum, real chicken (not like that from Subway!) and guacamole. It was great!

Chipotle Salad

Chipotle Salad

Sunday brings us to the reason we went to Redding in the first place. To go to Bethel Church. They have seen and continue to see amazing moves of God in that place and we just wanted to submerge ourselves into it for a day, maybe capture some of what they have! We went to the 10am and the 6pm service. The presence of God in that house was so thick and tangible, I can see why people pack up their lives from all over the world to got there and learn and get hungry for God.

We had a late night on Sunday, so decided to rest up on Monday. we still wanted to get on the road by 10:30am, but we weren’t rushing ourselves which was nice. We got up, put some washing on, went and did a workout, dried the washing, packed up our room and were checked out, in the car by 10:50am. Just to divert here – our workout was 5 Rounds for time of 10 thrusters, 10 burpees, 50 skips.. I did it in just over 10 minutes, Sir followed not too far behind. It was nice to have some weights to use (although limited).. I also worked a little on my DU’s, handstands and did a little ab work. Sir did a real ab workout. Although I know I am not doing enough exercise, I am cutting myself a little slack. I will need to up the work though, I can already feel I am loosing strength! 😦

So we hit the road by 11am on Monday, the air was crisp, and the sun was out which made for beautiful scenery. It had snowed over the weekend, so the mountain tops and the ground were lightly dusted.





We stopped in a creepy little town, just south of the boarder and grabbed some lunch. I was happy with my choice – Salmon Pattie on whole wheat bun with tomato, lettuce and homemade tartare sauce. Sir got a veggie burger with Chilli (as in the mexican chilli with beans)..


We got into Oregon and the scenery didn’t disappoint. We still had about 4-5 hours of driving ahead, so it was nice to have such good views to look at!





We got to Portland in the dark. Checked into our hotel, ate dinner and went to bed. Not much exciting-ness after such a long day of driving. Sir was zonked, and rightly so. The next morning (Tuesday), we had to sort out the data issue on Sir’ phone. He had cracked whatever Apple and AT&T had going on saying that you can’t have data if you’re on a prepaid plan. However, for some unknown reason we had lost the ability to use data (therefore maps) as we crossed the boarder.. The AT&T guys were clueless, so we went to Starbucks for Sir to use the wireless to figure it out. Turns out some configuration had changed between states, so it was actually pretty simple to fix! Awesome! πŸ™‚

We drove into downtown Portland to check out some buildings that were on Sir’s list. We never planned to spend too much time there, but I am sure that it would be a fun city to explore some day. It is full of post-modern architecture, which repulses me. I understand that the whole point of it is to critique classic architecture, but that is it, it doesn’t seem to say much for itself. It’s like having an argument with someone, disagreeing with them, without actually having a point in your argument. Not sure if that makes sense but anyway..

Post-modern building

Post-modern building

Another post-modern building - this one I really didn't like!

Another post-modern building

This is a new building..

This is a new building..


We did a stop in at Wholefoods on our way out of town, to grab some supplies and lunch. Sir stated that he would move to America for that shop! haha.. I literally could spend hours looking at all the amazing produce and products they stock, and probably spend hundred of dollars! Love it! They have these salad & hot food bars, so you just fill your box up with what you want.. I got Turkey, roast pumpkin, green beans, broccoli, chargrilled capsicum & squash. I was thoroughly satisfied! Also got a pro-biotic drink, interesting idea, no nasties and quite tasty!



Within no time we were in Washington State (literally, it happens as you go over one of the northbound bridges as you leave Portland).


And for the next few days Seattle is home. Will fill you in on it once we have explored a bit! But that is the end of the driving part of our holiday, now we go back to planes and public transport… shall be interesting! πŸ™‚