In Transit

by regandholly

So obviously we made it out of Milford Sound, back to Queenstown for a night. We crashed out epically that night and struggled to wake up before 7:30am as per our plan. We flew back to Auckland at about 11am. The flight out of Queenstown had AMAZING views!

Queenstown from above - I love this place!

Queenstown from above – I love this place!

We flew back with on Jetstar with Amy and had Aunty Bron drop us off at the international airport.. it was lovely see her, ever so briefly! We left some stuff with Amy – our joggers and some other gear we decided we could travel the States without. I am so wishing I had left more, or never brought it with me in the first place. Hindsight aye.

We had some drama’s with checking in with Air NZ. Apparently they have become quite strict on their luggage allowance, so we had no luck with checking in our carry on suitcases along with our big ones – so that meant we had to rejig our luggage.. unfortunately thought my big suitcase can’t actually fit in more than about 18kg’s, so there was 5kgs I was forfeiting. Additionally, carry on luggage is weighed out of Auckland airport, so it couldn’t be more than 7kgs – in a suitcase, that isn’t very much. This whole situation was infuriating! But, I managed to keep perspective and remind myself that it was all part of the adventure.

We ate a lot before we went through customs and security – I had some Burgen bread, tuna, apples, nuts, protein powder and a protein bar. We managed to get through most of it, given that we hadn’t eaten since breakfast and were unsure what our options would be on the plane. By the time we went through customs and security we had about 2 hours to wait – Reg worked, I’m not sure what I did, read a little, slept a little… The flight wasn’t as bad as I expected. Dinner was okay – and surprisingly I was super hungry again! I had Beef Korma with Basmati Rice, not something I would consider clean or eat normally, but with options limited I just did. I may have also eaten the New Zealand vanilla bean ice cream..  I watched Ruby Sparkes, most of On the Road (until it got too weird to watch), then some modern family as I fell asleep.

We were woken up quite abruptly at about 5.30am LA time for breakfast. The options here were not cool. Continental (ie. cereal and yoghurt full of sugar and nasties) and fruit, or hot (scrambled eggs, sausages and baked beans). I ate the fresh fruit and got the nuts out of my bag. That was my breakfast.

Customs took FOR EVER! close to an hour to get through I think, and to make it more fun, and in true Holly fashion I was busting to go to the toilet! Eventually we got through without any dramas, followed quickly by security and we were released into LA and beyond… 🙂