Whirlwind Stop Overs.

by regandholly

So our adventure has begun. We left work on Thursday afternoon, a little after 3pm, sensibly picking up some Sourdough Baker toasties for the road. We got home at 3:50pm and decided we could make the 4:29pm train from Civic. Luckily we had packed the night before because it meant that we were able to scoot out of the house and walk to the station by 4:10pm and just (I literally mean just) arrive in time for the train!

We trained to Hornsby where my lovely friend Zea picked us up and took us to their place on the Northern Beaches to stay. We had a fun evening together, somehow managing to find ourselves practicing handstand push ups down in the park, in the dark!

Waiting at Hornsby Station

Waiting at Hornsby Station

At 6:30am on Friday, my sister Jolie picked us up to take us to the airport for our first flight. Today we were heading to New Zealand. We knew we were going to be in the airport/flying most of  the day so we had had a big breakfast, packed the left over toasties and some other snacks for along the way so that we didn’t have to resort to unhealthy options.


Farewell Sydney - we will see you again in 7 weeks!

Farewell Sydney – we will see you again in 7 weeks!

We got into Auckland around 5pm and were picked up by Amy, our cousin! This lady is seriously the best! So looking forward to the week with her.


We visited Reg’s grandparents straight away. They were originally coming to Queenstown with us and staying in the house for the entire week, but about 8 weeks ago Nan had a fall and broke both her legs. It’s a long recovery, but she is doing great. Was so lovely to see both her a Poppa in a whirlwind visit and pray for them both for healing.

We then headed to Reg’s older sisters place, Jodie. Ah I haven’t seen the nieces for about 18months.. all three of them were so grown up and beautiful! Asha is almost 8, Talia is almost 5 and Nya is 3. We are both looking forward to spending a couple of days with them on the other end of our trip. We had a quick, easy healthy chicken and salad wrap for dinner and left for our home away from home, the Maclouds. I love our visits with Pete, Bron, Ella and Zac – this one was particularly quick, but no less lovely.

The view from the Maclouds kitchen in Howick

The view from the Maclouds kitchen in Howick

We headed to the airport around 8:30am to head to Queenstown. And what a place this is….I already have a few pictures to share, even though we haven’t done very much today – coming soon!