RAW food – Cashew Nut Tart

by regandholly

Just a quick post to share with you the amazing-ness I discovered last night in RAW food.

That’s right, raw, uncooked, unbaked… Food in it’s amazing simply natural state. I am yet to research all the benefits of raw food, but my limited understanding is that when food is in this untampered state it has all its nutrition and enzymes in tact that help our bodys digest it. Cooking food also changes the chemical balance in our food which can limit our body’s ability to defend against acid-forming toxins, free-radicals and posions.

By no means do I have a comprehension of all of the benefits, nor do I follow a raw food diet, but I do genuinely value the importance of feeding our bodies with the best food choices in order to gain and maintain a healthy life.  If you are interested in broadening your understand of the value of raw food eating, check out this site!

Now back to this tart.

I’m not sure that I have share with you about my hulk-like behaviour or emotional instability that comes when I eat sugar? Well – I won’t go into detail, since I feel those two adjectives depict it enough at this point, but I have been purposeful in eliminating as much processed food and refined sugars from my diet as possible. So when asked (or I volunteer as in this case) to bring dessert, this can lead me quite stumped. I love baking and making delicious goodies, but I know am understanding my body more and recognise that those things are not only not fueling my body, but they are also destroying my consistency and stability that I see as so important in my life.

I was exploring the Blog-osphere the other day and stumble upon an amazing raw food blog, This Rawsome Vegan Life. It was eye opening to the possibilities of raw food (cooking?) eating.. And Em has just taken dessert making to a whole nother level! We ate this Cashew Nut Tart, free of guilt or heaviness that can come from eating a sugar-laden cooked dessert and had a satisfaction that I personally had never experienced after eating dessert. Below is the remains, after the four of us had 2 serves of the tart each – I highly recommend you try out the recipe and explore Em’s blog. 

I think we were all being polite by not finishing the tart.. but then again we were all so satisfied by it we could leave it.


This Baker has a new lease of love in this! I am so keen to try out some more of Em’s recipes!