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by regandholly

I always feel much more motivated when the sun is shining. Yesterday it hid behind clouds for most of it.. reminds me of that waaay old Kate Spence song “Even on a rainy day, the sun still lives above the clouds”… so Sir and I decided to get outdoors regardless of the weather – lucky enough the sun came out just in time for our afternoon workout! ūüôā

We headed down to the beautiful King Edward Park with our new speed ropes in search of a ledge .. breathtaking..

Location location: Workout with a view!

Our workout was from the lovely blogger Vanilla Lean Bean, she has heaps of great workout and health tips – you should totally check out her blog! The workout we did consited of 5 Rounds for time of 10 Box Jumps, 1 Minute skipping, 10 Burpees. My challenge, I set myself, was to complete it in under 12 minutes. SUCCESS! i did it in 11.18 ūüôā

We then went on and did 50m runs and push up pyramid for 10 minutes. I sprinted my last run so Sir would have only beaten me by 12 pushups, but when he saw me go for it he finished his 12 pushups and sprinted as well! So that meant he beat me by 12 pushups and 50m! I love having that little bit of competition, he is generally going to be stronger and faster than me, but I sure make him work for it!

Sir and I were knackered after our 50 minutes, and had burned a nice 415 calories with our walk to/from park and HIIT work. I love me a quick, effective WOD! We are heading back to the park today to do another workout together!

In other exciting news Рwith no uni, I had time to  make a beautiful Paleo Apple Crisp! The Paleo Mum has tonnes of amazing Paleo recipes, I look forward to trying more! Additionally exciting, we got to share the crisp with our lovely friends and meet their sweet new little Bear. I love special times like those!

I realise I am yet to update you on my bootcamp goals. I did attempt to do them, however that was about an hour after bootcamp on Saturday and I was fried! I did a 2:10 minute plank (about a 40 second improvement), I did 22 pushups (last time was 10, goal was 20), I couldn’t do my squat hold or the hill runs, and I did 18 burpees, so an improvement of 1! I definately feel stronger and fitter, both physically and mentally and looking forward to continuing to work hard while we are overseas!

Does the warmer, sunny weather make you want to get outdoors?